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Capitol Nashville’s Caylee Hammack is offering fans a look into her recently-announced upcoming debut record, If It Wasn’t For You, by releasing her scorching new song “Redhead,” featuring Reba McEntire.

“This song was inspired by an older cousin of mine with fiery red hair,” shared Hammack. “You don’t hear about redheads very much in songs, so I simply wanted to write one for her and all the redheads in my family. Then, Reba came in the studio and TRANSFORMED this song. She helped me create an anthem for all redheads. Whether you get it naturally or find it in a bottle, this is for the firecrackers!”

Hammack also premiered a music video for the track. Filled with personality, confidence and persuasion the video takes viewers back to a little redhead’s childhood, living life in a double-wide trailer as her parents attempt to handle their daughter’s fervor.

Watch below:

(Press release courtesy of The Green Room.)