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Mickey Guyton, photographed at the Stateside Kitchen at Dream Nashville. Photo courtesy William DeSh…

Mickey Guyton’s third 2020 release, “Heaven Down Here,” pleads for healing for our world unglued. 

Written by Mickey, Gordie Sampson, Josh Kear, and Hillary Lindsey, the conversational song,  “Heaven Down Here,” follows behind her single, “Black Like Me.” Both songs are Mickey’s personal responses to the controversy and uncertainty the United States has been facing. 

“Heaven Down Here” is unique since it is a prayer, a conversation, a plea. The song is like she is having a conversation with her higher power. She is asking for happiness, mercy and Heaven down here. The ballad’s powerful beat build to Mickey’s plead for assistance.

Mickey Guyton’s first 2020 release, “What Are You Gonna Tell Her” was also a powerful statement on equality. Mickey is currently slated to release an EP in Fall 2020.