Miranda Lambert and her husband in her new music video. Photo courtesy TasteOfCountry.com……

Miranda Lambert’s new video “Settling Down”

“I’ve never had a video in 18 years in the business with a love interest, and so it’s kinda funny that my husband’s my first one,” the country star told New York’s Country 94.7

Miranda Lambert’s new video features non other than her handsome husband, Brendan McLoughlin! The magical, fairytale-esque video was shot near Miranda’s Nashville home. The video is complete with horses, whiskey and of course Brendan shirtless. What else could we ask for?

Tenille Townes’ new video “Jersey on the Wall”

Building on Tenille’s August song, “Jersey on the Wall,” her new music video builds on the crisis of faith. When faced with loss, grief and reflection, there is always the question of “Why?”The video honors those that have been lost but will be loved forever. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tenille details how she turned her real experience into song. “I had taken a trip to New Brunswick, playing at middle schools and high schools across Canada, and my adventures took me to this tiny little island. I played a show for the school and the parents, and a teacher afterwards explained to me that part of the reason they brought me there was to be a part of this grieving process. There had been a fluke car wreck, and Danielle, the valedictorian and star basketball player, had been taken in the accident. I got to fly back the following spring for graduation, and I saw Danielle’s jersey on the wall. I remember staring at it and going, “I really have questions for God.” Shortly after that trip one of my best friends from home lost her little brother, and it put me in this place of asking more questions. I think it’s ok to have those.” 

Maren Morris’ new video “To Hell & Back”

Maren Morris’ latest music video, “To Hell & Back” premiered during the 2020 CMT Music Awards. Maren played her guitar and put her voice on center stage in a simple log cabin. 

“I’m really excited about this performance because we got to go to my friends A-frame Cabin that they’ve been building the last few months and it just felt like the most woodsy, perfect backdrop for Hell & Back,” Morris said ahead of her performance. “I feel like kind of stripping it back, no production just an acoustic guitar and a vocal. That’s how I wrote that song, so it feels like i’m kind of going back to basics of how it was originated.”

Kylie Frey’s new EP “Rodeo Queen”

Filled with country swagger and ambition, Louisiana’s Kylie Frey is releasing her new rodeo-packed EP Rodeo Queen. Every song on Rodeo Queen features Kylie’s unstoppable cowgirl sass, backed up by her powerful vocals and clever lyrics. 

Her heritage in a rodeo family shows through the five songs she wrote on Rodeo Queen. Each of the five are western themed and pay homage to her cowboy grandfather and bronc riding father.

Rodeo Queen Track List: 
“Spur Of The Moment”
“Two Dollar Billionaire” 
“Rodeo Queen”
“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”  
“I Do Thing”
“Horses In Heaven” 

Madison Cunningham’s new cover “The Age Of Worry”

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and guitarist Madison Cunningham is sharing her newest track, the John Mayer cover “The Age of Worry.”  

“I challenged myself at the beginning of last year to learn and post a cover song every week as a way to stay inspired both in writing and preforming,” Cunningham explains. “What started as a fun prompt cracked something open in me and stayed for good, freeing me up in the areas I tend to be too cautious in. After weeks and weeks of this, I decided to release four of these songs as an EP of interpretations, in hopes that they would bring comfort to people in the same way they for did me during this painful year.”

Kalie Shorr’s new single “My Voice”

Kalie Shorr is giving fans a glimpse of her personal reflections with the release of “My Voice,” her honest and unabashed tale of her journey as a Nashville singer-songwriter. Still celebrating the success of her debut album Open Book, No. 7 on New York Times’ all-genre Best Albums of 2019 list, Shorr is turning the page to a new chapter with Open Book: Unabridged coming later this year. “My Voice” is just the first page of this new chapter, continuing her truth-filled and authentically irreverent point of view. With sonic influences from her diverse country roots and mid-2000s pop-punk, Kalie Shorr doubles down on her self-assured, rebelliously-unique sound.

“I never thought I’d get to release ‘My Voice.’ I wrote it in March of 2019, the week before we started recording Open Book. I was going into the studio with this sense of confidence that I hadn’t had before, like I knew that album was going to change my life. I still had plenty of episodes of self-doubt, but writing that song was so cathartic and empowering for me. When it came time to pick songs for the extended version of the album (Open Book: Unabridged), I threw that in the Dropbox not expecting anything. The head of my new label championed it from day one. I’m so happy I get to let people hear my truly unfiltered thoughts on the music business and my career. When I wrote it, it was more of a stream of consciousness musing on the industry and now it’s turned into a personal mantra,” says Shorr.

Lilly Winwood’s new single “Few More Records”

A bluesy, moody track, Winwood’s wise-beyond-her-years tone fills the wistful, but resilient lyrics. Staying true to her Americana roots, the song is framed with a subtle steel guitar, southern rock guitars and classic rock piano riffs. An underdog anthem, “Few More Records” firmly solidifies Winwood as an up-and-coming Americana artist to watch.

“I’m excited to release the first single off the new record and to hopefully get your toes tapping with this number or to get you dancing around in that 6 feet you have to keep from others,” says Winwood.

Larkin Poe’s new cover “Fly Away”

A beautiful rendition of the Lenny Kravitz’s classic, Larkin Poe’s cover of “Fly Away” has us heading down south ASAP. Larkin Poe’s sultry, stripped down cover brings more blues and American roots to the track. The Atlanta-born duo of Rebeccas and Megan Lovell, perfectly compliment each other to bring their music alive. Larkin Poe’s album of stripped-down cover songs will be out November 20. 

“Rolling in the family minivan in the late ‘90s, we remember hearing ‘Fly Away’ spun endlessly on the radio — an undeniable anthem,” the sisters say in a statement. “The energy of this song is a chameleon: simultaneously a cry for adventure and a prayer for those who feel trapped. Giving it a bluesy twist with the slide guitar riff brought it home to Georgia.”

Jaime Wyatt’ new video “Rattlesnake Girl”

Jaime Wyatt’s new music video for “Rattlesnake Girl,” a song off her album Neon Cross, brings historical footage and the history of the LGBTQ community alive.

“I wrote this song about my journey coming out and discovering my true identity,” she tells Ramos. “Just like how the ‘queer’ embraces being different, feeling different, but embracing it in a way that is kind of empowering; ‘Rattlesnake Girl’ felt cool to me. At a time when I needed something that felt tough and cool to protect myself as I came out in the word, to say I’m a ‘Rattlesnake Girl’ is like, ‘Yeah, don’t mess with me.'”

Amy Jack’s new single “Big Boy Up”

Oklahoma native Amy Jack’s new single “Big Boy Up” comes off her debut album, Introducing Amy Jack. And who is introducing Amy, well country music legend Merle Haggard of course! Merle mentored Amy and even produced her debut album. This was one of the last projects Merle worked on before his passing, and Amy has an inspiring mission to uphold his legacy through her traditional country music. 

Her newest single, “Big Boy Up” contributes to her mission to keep traditional country music alive. Her rock roots country sound and classic, soulful voice lend themselves to a timeless, rustic sound.