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Left photo Olivia Harms courtesy of Olivia Harms. Middle photo Montana Modderman courtesy of Perkins…

Olivia Harms’ new single “Hey There Cowboy”

She was driving home from a long day of writing session on a trip to Nashville in January 2020 and had been thinking about all of the extra confident cowboys that she had met at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas just a few weeks prior in December. As she was driving, she thought, “what would I say if I were trying to introduce myself to a handsome stranger. What kind of things would we talk about?” 

Becca Bowen’s new single “Just Be You”

“Just Be You” was written after learning her daughter had been bullied because she wore her favorite cowboy boots to school. “I looked at her, and I told her point-blank that you have to be who you are. I don’t care if you wear Converse or cowboy boots, you are beautiful.” She sings “Don’t you let them tell you who you should or who you shouldn’t be.” It is a great message for everyone to remember that you can be whatever you want, and other people don’t have control over you!

Montana Modderman’s new single “Birthdays and New Years”

Montana’s latest single details the aftermath of falling out with someone you were once so close to. You used to talk to them all the time, but now only hear from them every once in a while, like on holidays. In the catchy tune she sings “But you loved me in that photograph. Now it’s birthdays and New Years when I hear from you. Sometimes on Christmas and sometimes in June.”

Olivia Harms’ new single “Gypsy”

The second single from her upcoming album is about life on the road. As someone who spends most of her year on tour, Olivia definitely knows what it’s like to constantly be going somewhere new! Cowgirls can relate to this song because they are always on the move from one place to the next. “Living my best life on the road, I’m a gypsy.”

Stephanie Quayle’s new single “By Heart”

The tender and groovy romantic tune narrates Stephanie’s desire to know her love interest “by heart.” On the song, she leaves out not a single detail she wants to know about Mister Right. She sings “I don’t wanna leave any question marks, I wanna know you baby, I wanna know you by heart.”