Left photo, Tiera courtesy of Style Blueprint. Middle photo, Lauren Davidson courtesy of Perkins Pub…

Lauren Davidson’s new release “Live In The Light”

This hopeful song from Lauren Davidson brings country with hints of rock and gospel music inspiration. She wrote the catchy tune while she was in quarantine. “Let love be our guide, we’re gonna make it through standing together side by side.” It is a nice reminder that we will make it through and stand in the light again!

Deidre Thornell’s new release “The Rest of Forever

Deidre’s heart on her sleeve comes alive with a single born out of passion, pain and hope. Of the song, she has said “A dear friend of mine was dealing with heartbreak that I couldn’t even imagine. When I heard her talk about hope and unwavering faith in love despite the pain, I knew we needed to write this song together. As we wrote and cried, the song took shape expressing a depth of emotion we could feel in the studio.”

Tiera’s new release “Found It In You”

“I wrote ’Found It in You’ at the beginning of last year about my now fiancé, Kamren Kennedy. We were just boyfriend and girlfriend at the time so it’s so special to be releasing this song now that we’re engaged. I played ’Found It in You’ at writer’s rounds before I released it and it was always a fan favorite so I’m so happy it’s finally out in the world for everyone to listen to!”

Lainey Wilson’s new release “Neon Diamonds”

The song opens with with crashing cymbals and gritty guitar, instantly transporting you to a live show with a smokey stage where the bass is a little too loud. The song is about a want for something casual, something that won’t last forever. It’s clear that when we can attend concerts again, this song will crush and be a crowd-pleaser!

Taylor Acorn’s new release “Are We”

“But you feel like something I can’t erase. Didn’t want to think about you but I did it anyway.” Taylor really speaks to going through an uncertain love and wondering if it’s just a phase. She also debates on saying goodbye to someone she really cares about that makes her feel unsure, something I think we can all relate to!