Ingrid Andress covers her song with Charlie XCX, "Boys." Photo courtesy Ingrid Andress. ……

Elizabeth Cook’s new album Aftermath

From heartbreak to addiction and death, Elizabeth Cook’s newest album Aftermath deals with all the emotional turmoil in life. The twelve song compilation is Elizabeth’s seventh album. 

Of the album, Cook reflects, “This is the first time that I’ve been completely unchained, really. I wasn’t in an oppressive relationship, I wasn’t trying to meet some sort of label’s expectation, I wasn’t trying to meet some sort of market expectations. And that’s the way I wanna do it, or not at all.”

Aftermath Track List

1. Bones

2. Perfect Girls of Pop

3. Bad Decisions

4. Daddy, I Got Love For You

5. Bayonette

6. These Days

7. Stanley By God Terry

8. Half Hanged Mary

9. When She Comes

10. Thick Georgia Woman

11. Two Chords And A Lie

12. Mary, The Submissing Years

Brandy Clark’s new song “Like Mine” 

Reflecting on the song, Clark shares, “‘Like Mine’ has multilayered meanings for me. It emanated from a conversation with my godson, that rolled into a conversation with co-writers about humanity and the world, that took shape as this song.” 

Written by Clark, Luke Dick, Jessie Jo Dillon and Laura Veltz, “Like Mine” is the second song Clark and Carlile created amid the COVID-19 pandemic while working from their respective quarantines. Their first collaboration, “Same Devil,” performed by Clark and both featuring and produced by Carlile, premiered last week to critical acclaim.

Read more about Brandy Clark’s new song “Same Devil” here, and read more about her new album Your Life Is A Record here

Lindsay Ell’s new song “Workin’ Out”

The song is the first track to be released from Make It Up As We Go, the upcoming, highly-anticipated scripted podcast musical co-produced by Audio Up and iHeartMedia. Premiering with two episodes on Thursday, October 8th, Make It Up As We Go is exclusively presented by Unilever’s Knorr and Magnum brands and will be available on iHeartRadio and everywhere else podcasts are heard. “Workin’ Out” was co-written by: singer/songwriter, series star and director, Scarlett Burke; Audio Up founder and track producer, Jared Gutstadt; co-producer Jeff Peters; and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer, Nicolle Galyon.

Listen to Lindsay Ell’s “Workin’ Out” here.

Ingrid Andress’ cover of “Boys”

Charlie XCX has had her turn now “Boys” co-writer, Ingrid Andress has released her version of the 2017 hit. The covers comes off a deluxe release of her debut album, Lady Like.

“I had just come from a session where they were talking about all their ‘hoes.’ And I was like, ‘Oh great, I’m pointless. I really need to leave this session,’” she told Rolling Ston in May. “So I got back to their house being really frustrated, like, ‘Why can’t girls talk about boys in that way, because I feel that way.’ One bottle of red wine later, we all sussed it out.”