Joy Oladokun’s new single “Look Up”……

Kalie Shorr’s new release “Lying To Myself”

“I’m a little out of touch with reality, it’s never been that nice to me,” Kalie Shorr sings in the new release “Lying to Myself,” from the upcoming Open Book: Unabridged release. The DIY country performer elevates this confessional narrative about a doomed relationship with an emo-ish type of intensity that ramps up to a cathartic finish of ringing, bell-like guitars and cracking snare drum.

Joy Oladokun’s new single “Look Up”

Joy Oladokun follows her 2020 album In Defense of My Own Happiness (Vol. 1) with the new single “Look Up,” a meditation on hope that feels like much-needed medicine at the end of this very long year. “Hold on, cuz somebody loves you/You know trouble’s always gonna be there, don’t let it bring you to your knees,” she sings sweetly, accompanied by fingerstyle acoustic guitar as the production stealthily builds to incorporate, piano, synthesizer, and gorgeous, wordless harmonies.

Jessie Ritter’s new video “Home”

Jessie wrote the song after visiting her childhood home, while on a marathon Honeymoon road trip with her new husband. It had been years since she’d seen the property and was overcome with memories. Jessie explains the house’s meaning to her family, “It was exactly like I remembered it. To give you a bit of backstory, my dad was very sick when I was little. He had cancer for a long time and passed away when I was twelve. We had to leave this farm to be closer to family in another part of Missouri. But I will always remember this property as one of my favorite places we lived.” 

Courtney Dickinson’s new music video “See You Here”

Following two Top 40 singles on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart, Courtney Dickinson brings love and loss together with her new music video for her latest single, “See You Here” exclusively premiered by Stage Right Secrets. As Dickinson takes a stroll down memory lane, she reminisces about her beloved grandparents in the official music video. The country riser had the opportunity to really personalize this video by filming on her family’s farm and sharing various photos of her and her grandparents. With the video being bright and airy, she is able to provide a positive outlook, one that says they might be gone, but will never be forgotten. Dickinson hopes that listeners will take in the meaning of the song to help them begin to heal if they themselves have lost a loved one.

Walker County’s new release “Someone’s Someone”

The country family band hits it again with their new release, “Someone’s Someone.” Originally from Sulpher Springs, IN, the Walker sisters along with their lead guitar father,  extends their roots into traditional country, intertwining their soulfulness with southern rock flair. Their new release, “Someone’s Someone,” preaches on the importance of finding yourself in someone’s heart at the end of the day. For a band that is based on family, they know what it means to find your family. 

Tiera’s new release “Shut It Down”

Newly engaged, rising country star Tiera is on a hot streak! After her October release of “Found It In You,” her new release “Shut It Down” is equally powerful, fun and new age country! If multiple incredible releases are not enough, country-pop legend, Shania Twain is a fan! “We have a superstar right here in front of us,” Twain said of Tiera. “I want this young lady representing country music around the world.”

Hannah Dasher’s new release “Girls Call The Shots”

“Hannah Dasher has never questioned her life’s path. At one time the self-proclaimed “youngest member of the Alan Jackson fan club,” Dasher saw the man himself in concert when she was just three years old and knew in that moment she’d grow up to be an entertainer.” And so she has. Her new release, “Girls Call The Shots,” is a worthy follow up in her country-rock, soulful sound.