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The Highway Women’s new album “The Highway”

As true as their male predecessors, The Highway Women are turning the country music world on its head. “The Highway Women fire on all cylinders and never fail to wow their audience and leave them wanting more.” Beyond the recording studio and stage, their “Be A Highwaywoman” initiative serves the country music women community through empowerment and support.

The Highway Tracklist

1.“Shake The Dust”
3.“The Highway”
4.“God Made Me Right”
5.“Stand Up And Fight”
6.“Deep Waters”
7.”The Devil”

Gabrielle Mooney’s new video “Come On In”

“Family” is the word, and mood of the moment for Gabrielle Mooney. Her new music video, “Come On In,” captures her family, and the experiences we have all shared bringing home a new boyfriend. The video even hits closer to home, as it was filmed on the Arkansas farm that she wrote the song about and even stars some of her real family!

In an interview with CMT, Gabrielle says, “I think it’s pretty cool that it’s filmed in Arkansas on the same farm I wrote this song about. A picture says a million words, but the video gives you the experience. “Trippin’ over work boots” came from my Dad owning a construction company and always taking them off at the back door. My mom making beans and cornbread just about every week, and it was ALWAYS amazing.”

Family goes beyond the farm, or the theme of the music video. Gabrielle is the sister of Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney, incredible vocal talent runs through the Mooney family. 

Bri Fletcher’s new video “Therapy”

A Music On Mondays: Pick Of The Week from August 10th, Bri Fletcher is back with the official music video for her emotional, raw and heartful song, “Therapy.” As always, she adds layers of understanding, profound knowledge and affections with the sting of reality. 

The video features Fletcher acting as a reluctant therapist for a friend in need which in turn creates turmoil in her own relationship. Co-written by Fletcher alongside Wes Strunk and Nate Alan, “Therapy” puts a spin on being a modern day therapist for your friends who are “addicted to the drama” and “high on codependency.”

Carter Faith’s new video “Sinners In A Small Town”

Up-and-comping country music artist, Carter Smith, has released her new music video for “Sinners In A Small Town.” The video shows the dark side of the small towns that we have come to idealized. The North Carolina native hits the nail on the head when she sings, “What goes around, Don’t come back around.”

“‘Sinners in a Small Town’ was written to show the frustration that we have all felt when bad things occur and justice isn’t served,” Carter says of the track in an interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “We wanted to write a song that felt like a specific story, but also keep it vague enough and relatable, because I do believe that everyone has experienced or witnessed this injustice happen. When working with the team at Running Bear Film and coming up with a treatment for the video, we all wanted to keep shedding light on a cycle that is all too familiar. To me the video feels spooky and movie-like, but is still real and raw. It means a lot to me.”

Paige King Johnson’s new single “Just Like You”

Paige King Johnson’s new single “Just Like You” feels like home in the best ways. The love, the simplicity and the warmth are brought alive by the North Carolina songstress. Keep an eye out for her highly anticipated music video for “Just Like You,” premiering November 19, 2020 on the CMT Network. 

On her new single, Paige said, “I wrote “Just Like You” in April of 2019 with a dear friend of mine from college, Regan Rousseau, about the give and takes of a relationship. I think the beauty in being loved by someone is that they accept you each day for all the parts of you, good and bad. And that’s when relationships work – when both people commit to loving each other a little more every day. I hoped to capture in this song each act of kindness, appreciation, and altruistic behavior shown to me to highlight the fact that the simple ways of loving someone can be the most beautiful things in life to them.”

Emily Hackett’s new EP “My Version Of A Love Song”

Emily Hackett’s 6-track EP is a collection of songs that demonstrates her knack for confessional & detailed songwriting, while also showcasing her ability to seamlessly navigate different genres. As a collection, the songs from My Version Of A Love Song all have an overarching theme of love and the different forms it can take. 

After writing the title track “My Version Of A Love Song,” Hackett noticed the same concept appearing over and over. “I started to see a pattern in some of my favorite songs I’d written over the last couple years and after writing “My Version of a Love Song” with Davis, I realized that was the best way to explain it. All of these songs have their own little way of expressing love, not always in most anticipated of ways, but always in the most honest. They all represent who I am in my relationships better than I’ve ever been able to describe in prose.”

My Version Of A Love Song Tracklist

1.“Hangovers & Heartbreaks”
2.“My Version Of A Love Song”
4.“How The Hell (Michael’s Song)”
5.“Can’t Help Myself (Feat. Hardcastle)”

Becky Buller’s new album “Distance And Time”

Packed full of collaborations, decorated musicians and poetic tracks, Becky Buller’s bluegrass album, Time And Distance, brings the best part of traditional folk music alive. The intertwined skills of banjo, violin and vocals brings the album to fruition perfectly. Each track has us longing for more, bring on the banjo please!

Distance and Time Tracklist

1.“Don’t Look Back”
2.“The Ride”
3.“The Barber’s Fiddle”
4.“You Come Around”
5.“Head On Down The Line”
6.“Tell The Truth (Shame The Devil)” 
7.“We Let Each Other Go”
8.“Inglewood Upon Stratford” 
9.“Salt And Light” 
10.“I Dream In Technicolor”
11. “Life Gets Up And Gets Gone”
12. “Woodstock”- Jonie Mitchel Cover
13. “More Heart, Less Attack”- NEEDTOBREATHE Cover

Jordana Bryant’s new video “This Love”

Like fire catching, 15 year-old Jordana Bryant has debuted with not only a simple, youthful, memory-inducing single, she has also released the new music video for her single, “This Love.” The song will bring you back to the 2000s OG bubble gum pop country that we feel in love with throughout our childhood. Think Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”!”I wrote ‘This Love’ to capture the excitement of the beginning of a relationship,” Jordana tells Girls’ Life. “We all daydream about young love—and with this song I realy wanted to capture and express that joy.”