Stephanie Ryann, Lauren Duski, Taylor Swift
Stephanie Ryann. Photo courtesy of Lauren Duski. Photo courtesy of…

Stephanie Ryann’s new release “I Should”

The newest release from New York singer-songwriter Stephanie Ryann is an anthem about making your own path and not listening to what others want you to do. The lyrics showcase society’s version of “success”, to which she responds with “Don’t matter what you think of me, I know who I’m gonna be. Even if I crash and burn, I’m living life on my own terms.” She has no intentions of following what other people think her life should look like. It is a good reminder to do what makes you happy and what you define as “success”!

The Highway Women’s new video “The Highway”

The new video from the unstoppable Highway Women brings to life everything we love. Freedom, happiness and forging our own path! The country, rock, pop blend group is here to empower and support women in country music and beyond. These ladies are all about women empowerment, and that definitely comes through in their music!

Lauren Duski’s new single “Loved Me That Way”

“And I was livin’ like you’d live forever, and it took losin’ you to learn to love better,” Lauren Duski sings in the new single “Loved Me That Way”. The raw and emotional tune was written after the loss of her grandmother. It speaks to all the little things that may be overlooked, but end up being the most important. Each loss is a lesson, and it is important to love to the best of your ability everyday.

Taylor Swift’s new release “No Body, No Crime”

Taylor Swift is a familiar name to a lot of people, but it has been a while since anyone has heard her name associated with country music. Following the release of her surprise album, Folklore, in July, she has dropped another record on December 11, this time named Evermore. “No Body, No Crime”, featuring pop rock band HAIM, is a story of revenge when a best friend goes missing and her husband is the main suspect. Could this mean more country songs from Taylor in our future? Only time will tell!