Kylie Frey. Photo by Rachael Mason……

Lily Rose’s new single “Villain”

The relatable song encompasses being labeled the “bad guy” in a breakup. “I never loved you. Found someone new, gave up too soon, but that’s half the truth. Want one of you,” she sings. Of the song she has said “I have to make a conscious decision every day to take the high road, and truly what the song encapsulates. I think this song is a different kind of breakup song, because your reputation is the thing being questioned here, not you as partner or you as a future partner.”

Kylie Frey’s new EP “Rodeo Queen”

Former rodeo contestant Kylie Frey was inspired by her western upbringing on her new EP. “I probably wouldn’t be a singer if it wasn’t for growing up in rodeo, because I would sing the national anthem for every rodeo I was entered in. And I kind of found my voice through that and just singing on the back of the tailgate after a rodeo. It was my outlet and I wrote songs about it.”

Morgan Wade’s new release “Don’t Cry”

“I guess what I most would like people to take from this song is that we are the toughest on ourselves. I feel there is a part of me I see — and a part I let others see,” Wade shares. “To me, it’s about killing the ego and being yourself. And allowing yourself to feel what you feel and not be ashamed that you’re struggling. In the midst of falling apart, I’ve found myself. I hope others can, too.”

Lilly Hiatt’s new video “P-Town”

The video centers on Lilly’s visit to a self-storage facility. Against the unit’s lime-green door, Lilly drapes turquoise streamers and colorful floral pinwheels, creating a perfect backdrop for her impromptu solo concert. She also goes on a search of the unit, digging through the stacks of boxes containing mementos of her life. It fits with the lyrics of her sifting through a relationship as it fizzled out “We ignored each other that whole walk on the bridge. Don’t you hate when people say, ‘It is what it is’?”

Lera Lynn’s new release “It Doesn’t Matter”

“This song is definitely a reflection on how much time we spend looking outward and how dissatisfied we end up as a result of that,” Lera says. “All the beautiful things that we could create and how much more love we could have for ourselves and for each other if we just stopped with all that.”