Left photo, Madison Wolfe, courtesy of Perkins Publicity. Middle photo, Lauren Weintraub, courtesy o…

Lauren Weintraub’s new release “She’s Mine”

Lauren Weintraub’s new release quickly garnered over a million views within the first 48 hours when she previewed the song on TikTok! “I wrote ‘She’s Mine’ at a very emotional time in my life when I had just gone through my first big heartbreak. After about six months, I was finally starting to feel like myself again until I saw my ex with somebody new. I think everyone knows that insecurity of comparison and wondering if what they have is more special than what you used to have,” shared Lauren.

Ashley Jordans new release “One More Night”

“When I wrote the lyrics for One More Night, I was watching in panic as the world seemed to be completely falling apart and I found myself sinking low. I was afraid to even check in on the daily news.  I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this – when you’re frightened about the future because you’re surrounded by the pandemic and unrest and everything in between.”

 Madison Wolfe’s new single “Skip It”

Madison sings “If you want a true heart, come get it. Got a get away car, let’s hit it. If you got another place to be, skip it.” The upbeat tune tells of falling for a new love and how they make your heart skip a beat with everything they do. New loves are always exciting, and we can’t wait to play this one on repeat!

Alyssa Trahan’s new single “We Used To Be Happy”

Alyssa’s clever writing manages to be both reminiscent and regretful at the same time. The track shares a sense of deep longing for what could have been. She traces the story of romantic fallout when the magic disappears. Of the new release she said “This is my favorite song I’ve ever released. Working with Jonathan on the production really made it sparkle and it has some of my favorite lyrics in it. This is a little sneak peek into my upcoming album and I couldn’t be more excited!”