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Flo’s “Talking to Myself”

Chilean pop-country performer Flo has a touch of Avril Lavigne’s punkish sneer in her delivery on “Talking to Myself,” calling out an obsessive dude who refuses to put any effort into making their relationship work. With bright, crisp production that mixes banjo and power chords, “Talking to Myself” shows off Flo’s vocal power, mixing rapid-fire, R&B-influenced passages with some big notes and harmonies on each chorus. “Why am I being so afraid to tell you?Nevermind, I’m talking to myself,” she sings, already moving toward the door.


Emily Daniels’s new lyric video “My Last Name” 

After Emily Daniels released her raw, emotional and personal single detailing the reason behind her legal name change in “My Last Name,” she gives an inside look into the toxic environment with an official lyric video. Emily continues to receive an outpour of messages of gratitude from other survivors of toxic family environments. Each with heartbreaking explanations of how they relate and feelings of relief that “finally there’s a song that gets me”.

This year marks 10 years since Emily’s biological father left. To help deal with the trauma he caused in her life, Emily turned to songwriting and a legal name change.


Regan Stewart’s new single “Drop Dead Gorgeous”

The southern songbird emphasizes her joy found in true stories that have a funny take and are relatable. Both her singles “Hold Me Like That” and “Stereotypical Girls” exemplify just that. Upbeat, light hearted and just plain fun. They are easy to sing along with and easy for any country girl to identify with. Regan’s newest single, “Drop Dead Gorgeous” is no different. The track tackles that sticky situations we have probably all been in, when a girl likes the guy you are interested in. Regan says it is a “quirky, fun song.” 


COWGIRL sat down with Regan Stewart earlier this year to talk about all about her music and her life in Nashville. Read the full interview here: Regan Stewart: Not Just A Stereotypical Girl 


Lera Lynn’s “Are You Listening?”

“As a child I would dream of the bottom of the sea/If I swam deep enough, there was air to breathe,” Lera Lynn sings in “Are You Listening?,” the first release from the Nashville singer-songwriter’s upcoming album On My Own (out October 23rd). Fittingly for that imaginative opening, Lynn’s slimmed-down arrangement of tremolo guitar and steady backbeat veers toward psychedelia, articulating melodies that feel dreamlike and strange through the power of her voice. Lynn as always is a knockout vocalist, but the fact that she also produced the track and played every instrument on it adds some heft to her message of taking control of your own life.


Melissa Bel’s “Summer So Long” 

Listen to “Summer So Long” here.

Toronto’s Melissa Bel is pushing in to new territories. Her new single, “Summer So Long,” combines elements of country and pop to create a beautiful ode to the summer that has passed too quickly. Melissa has released four albums to date and has opened for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Matthew Good, Joey Landreth and Maverick Sabre. She also co-wrote Avril Lavigne’s single, Tell Me It’s Over and is quickly becoming a sought-after songwriter and artist.

Melissa Bel’s “Summer So Long.” Photo courtesy