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Every new week brings new music from some of country music’s most talented women. Here are our favorites from this week:

Elizabeth Cook’s “Two Chords and a Lie”

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Elizabeth Cook is dropping her brand new album “Aftermath” on September 11. But first, she had to push us to the edge of our chairs by releasing “Two Chords and a Lie.” 

“Aftermath” is a twelve song album focusing on Cook’s personal experience of life’s most fundamental and difficult subjects including heartbreak, addiction, death and resurrection. Of her new album, Cook reflects, “This is the first time that I’ve been completely unchained, really. I wasn’t in an oppressive relationship, I wasn’t trying to meet some sort of label’s expectation, I wasn’t trying to meet some sort of market expectations. And that’s the way I wanna do it, or not at all.” 

Lindsay Ell & Tucker Beathard’s collaboration of “Faithful”

Watch the newly released music video for “Faithful”.

Tucker Beathard and Lindsay Ell’s electric guitar-driven collaboration of “Faithful” shares a vulnerable new take on his fan-favorite song. 

“I always thought that this song could be a really strong duet,” explained Beathard. “Having Lindsay on the song, with her vocal and input on it just took it to the next level. I think I can safely say we’re both kind of nerds when it comes to guitars so to be able to bond over that and that shared passion to bring this song to life was really cool.”

Runaway June’s “We Were Rich” 

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The trio’s new release will have you longing for the priceless memories of years past. “We Were Rich” reminisces on the past we have cherished and the time we spent together with those we love. 

“We Were Rich” comes off their Blue Roses album and all the bandmates agree that the song sounds like home. 

Raelynn’s acoustic version of “Me About Me” 

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Raelynn’s newest track is stripped down to the basics. The country star released an acoustic rendition of “Me About Me.” Raelynn’s strong voice projects the emotion over the relaxing chords drifting in the background. The strong message hits home that much harder in the acoustic rendition. 

Regan Stewart’s “Hold Me Like That” 

Available wherever you listen.

When not rocking out on stage, Regan has worked as a waitress in a Nashville restaurant. “There was a guy that would come in and I was crushing on him really hard,” she laughed, “so my manager would seat him at my table.” Although nothing came of her crush romantically, the light hearted true story did inspire her 2018 single “Hold Me Like That.”

The “Hold Me Like That” singer sat down with COWGIRL to chat about her life in Nashville, her music and her new single “Drop Dead Gorgeous” coming in August! Read the entire interview here. 

Regan Stewart. Photo courtesy Regan Stewart.