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Jennifer Nettles and Bon Jovi, photo courtesy YouTube / Bon Jovi. ……

Jennifer Nettles and Bon Jovi’s “Do What You Can” 

Fifteen years after their Grammy-winning, chart-topping single “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles have reunited. They have dropped the country single, “Do What You Can”.  The song, released via BMLG Records, will debut at this year’s iHeart Radio Music Festival.

The song, written by Jon Bon Jovi during the coronavirus pandemic, quickly became an anthem for the collective experience. “No band has stirred more empathy, articulated the feelings of uncertainty, and comforted fans with reassurance than the Jersey rockers in the first weeks of the outbreak,” USA Today said.

“In 2005 Jennifer helped BON JOVI take ‘Who Says you Can’t Go Home’ to number one on the country charts. It was her powerful and emotion filled voice that I hope will carry us back onto the country airwaves again to share this uplifting message of unity,” said Jon Bon Jovi.

“Being invited to sing with Bon Jovi back in 2005 on ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’ was a real blessing as an artist and in my career,” said Jennifer Nettles. “I could not be happier to continue that amazing musical story on our new duet ‘Do What You Can.’

Courtney Dickinson’s new single “See You Here” 

Courtney Dickinson builds upon her impressive catalog with her new single, “See You Here”. An emotional and mid-tempo pop-country ballad, “See You Here” seamlessly fits into any fall country playlist. Its vivid lyrics of bittersweet nostalgia and hooky, melodic chorus grab the attention of listeners of any age. The single relates the message that even after profound losses, memories have the power to transcend time and shape lives.

“‘See You Here’ is a song that holds a lot of meaning to me,” said Dickinson. “I was blessed to have extremely close relationships with my grandparents. Last year was a big year for me as I graduated college and got married. More than anything I wished my grandparents could have been there with me physically, but I could feel and see them in every moment. These experiences led me to write this song to relate to anyone who has dealt with the loss of a close loved one.”

Listen to Courtney Dickinson’s “See You Here” here.

Kelley Swindall’s Album ‘You Can Call Me Darlin’ If You Want’

As she releases her debut album, You Can Call Me Darlin’ If You Want, on Velvet Elk Records, Swindall is garnering attention. She has a vintage look and sound that’s fun, feisty, and unflinchingly honest. With Darlin’, Swindall combines the elegance, outspokenness, and stellar songwriting of classic country icons. But with a swagger and style that’s all her own. 

The album kicks off with “I Ain’t For You, You Ain’t For Me,” a fierce and fiery country-rocker. Then changes gears for “California”. It is a tongue-in-cheek, cross-country Thelma and Louise-style adventure that recalls the raucous storytelling in Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue.” 

Julia Cole’s new single “Do You Mind”

It is time for cowgirls to stand up and take control. Julia Cole’s new single is the much needed fun and empowering counter-story to the classic “boy-hits-on-girl” country music narrative. Her track empowers the woman to make it happen. All cowgirls know their worth and have the magic to go after what they want. Co-produced by Josh Ronen & Julia Cole, this is an R&B Country sound unlike any typical country song. It’s smooth and modern and will have you taking the first step.

Listen to Julia Cole’s “Do You Mind” here.