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Grace Askew's new single, "Cactus Lady." ……

Trisha Yearwood’s new video “I’ll Carry You Home”

Trisha Yearwood has once again pulled at our heartstrings. Her soulful voice mixed with the sweet childhood videos will have you crying and calling your family. 

“‘I’ll Carry You Home’ is almost like a prayer,” Yearwood says, per Country Daily. “For me, it’s very much about the people in my life that have my back, and also my strong spiritual belief that God’s got me, no matter what. I believe that. It’s really like a prayer. It’s just one of the most beautiful songs that I’ve heard.”

Brandy Clark’s new song “Same Devil”

Written by Clark, Marla Cannon and Hailey Whitters, the song was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with Clark and Carlile collaborating remotely while working from their respective quarantines in Nashville and Washington state. 

Reflecting on the song, Clark shares, “For me, ‘Same Devil’ is about how we all have different paths, different problems, different addictions, different beliefs that all take us to the same exact places. I really was drawn to the dark and raw quality of the idea. What Brandi Carlile brought to the song production wise and then vocally made it take on an even darker and deeper tone. It feels explosive to me.” 

The song is the latest release from Clark following her critically acclaimed new album, Your Life is a Record, which is out now on Warner Records. Created after the dissolution of a long-term relationship, the album features Clark’s most personal songwriting to date and was recorded largely as an intimate acoustic four-piece. 

Danielle Bradbery’s new song “Girls In My Hometown”

The piano-anchored slow-burner of reflection and remembrance finds the Texas native at her most tender and true — a meditation on where you’ve been and those mountains still yet to climb. Produced by Dann Huff, Bradbery first debuted the “instantly infectious” (CMT) ballad in February at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville just before the world shut down. With Nicolle Gaylon, Josh Osbourne and Emily Weisband-penned lyrics that could practically be ripped from the pages of Bradbery’s own diary, she ponders during the chorus:

Are they getting married?

Are they getting jaded?

When they think seventeen do they think of me and wonder if I made it?

Are they really happy?

Are they making daddy proud?

What makes ‘em cry?

What gets ‘em high?

I think about the girls in my hometown

Grace Askew’s new single “Cactus Lady”

Red dirt/Americana, singer/songwriter Grace Askew dropped her enigmatic new single “Cactus Lady” on September 25th. The dark, atmospheric track, lead by Grace’s infectious vocals instantly transports you back to another time and place.   With a sound that she is dubbing “Southwest desert Noir,” “Cactus Lady” is a sonic gem, filled with smoke, grit and all the allure of Grace Askew’s gift for storytelling.  

“I was driving from White Sands National Monument towards Roswell, having wrapped a photoshoot for Wrangler and Stetson, headed for a gig. In route, I passed an abandoned adobe building with the words “Cactus Lady” faded on the side and I told myself…that’s a damn song! I can remember immediately starting to take voice memos on my phone while driving, brimming with ideas of what ended up becoming the story of a desert highway strip club with a stripper who went by the name ‘Cactus Lady’.”

Listen to Grace Askew’s “Cactus Lady” here.

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