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Miranda Lambert’s new single “Y’all Means All”

It’s a spunky, joyful anthem of acceptance and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, which Lambert says she co-wrote with frequent collaborators Shane McAnally and Luke Dick. Lambert’s relationship to the song is a personal one, too: She got the idea for the title of the song from her brother, Luke Lambert, who is gay. “My little brother [Luke Lambert] sent me a few titles and ‘Y’all Means All’ was one of them,” the singer explains on social media. “… I’m proud to be a part of this amazing show that does so much good.”

Rachel Bradshaw’s debut self-titled EP

“This record holds a very special place in my heart. It’s the first compilation of music I have written all by myself, so to release it into the world is me sharing a big piece of my heart and soul. I also included a duet with the legend himself and a longtime friend of mine, Jamey Johnson, on a song I have always dreamt of covering. I cannot wait for people to hear this! We put so much time and love into making this music sound the way it does and creating a special vibe. I hope when people listen, they can smile, cry, feel hope, and go into a magical place where time just stops, just as I did when we were creating it.” Stream it here!

Morgan Wade’s new single “Run”

Morgan Wade’s new song depicts the good and bad in a relationship, sharing how the yearning is not always easy to stop.“Can we fly somewhere foreign // Get me high, mess me up until the morning // ‘Cause all I see in every street // Is where he made me numb // There’s gotta be somewhere // Somewhere we can run, we can run // So many places that I ain’t been // All I know is I was living my life for him // We could fly, we could leave this town // Bury these memories that been holding us down”

Haley Mae Campbell’s new single “Champagne Problem”

Haley Mae Campbell is kicking off the year with her new single “Champagne Problem.” With the chorus, “Late at night, in the mornin’ / If it’s poppin’ yeah it’s pourin’ / In my glass / You ain’t even gotta ask / If you got it, yeah I want it / I can’t stop it once I start it / Let it overflow, whoa oh / I got a champagne problem,” she displays her love for bubbly and makes you want to jam all night long!

Carolyn Miller’s new single “Something Right (About a Wrong Turn)”

“Let’s run out of gas / On some old moonlit path / ‘Cause we got all night / Let’s make it a long drive / Lose our way off the interstate and learn / There’s something right about a wrong turn,” Carolyn Miller sings in the chorus of her new single. Sometimes a wrong turn isn’t a bad thing when you’re with someone you care about.