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Chapel Hart’s new single “Glory Days”

The group shares, “We all have Glory Days. For some, it’s a trip down memory lane. There are others who are smack dab in the middle of ’em. The ones who haven’t quite made it there yet…just keep on living! So, turn it up and come with us as we recount some of our own highs and lows in the title track to our very first nationwide headlining tour!!”

Morgan Johnston’s new single “Like It’s His Job”

“Like It’s His Job” has already become a viral hit on multiple social media platforms for Morgan Johnston. The track has surpassed 1.8 million views on a single TikTok. It has also received over 1.7 million views on an Instagram reel. The song is a gentle, yet powerful look at what it means to be a man in a relationship in 2023.

Erin Kinsey’s new single “Boys In Boots”

“‘Boys In Boots’ is a song that I wrote about a year ago and added to the live set in the summer,” Kinsey told The Boot. “Even though I really really liked the song when we wrote it, over the last few months playing it live, I have just fallen in love with it! It’s upbeat and so easy to get into, and it’s so much fun to watch the boys wearing cowboy boots in the crowd and the girls with their man in boots singing along. It’s like it brings the whole audience together!”

Dusty Leigh Huston’s new single “The Hell I Won’t”

Dusty considers “The Hell I Won’t” as her anthem. She explains, “It’s the drive I’ve always had to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles that have tried to derail me from living my dreams. It’s to those who didn’t believe in me, including myself sometimes, and no matter how hard things seem, I will continue to push those stereotypes and do whatever the hell I want.”

Meghan Patrick’s new video for “She’s No Good for Me”

“We shot the music video on what felt like a perfect day,” says Patrick. “I’ve never felt as comfortable or energized at a shoot as I did that day, and I am so grateful for our whole team for putting so much passion and thought into every detail. If you’ve been a Meghan Patrick fan for a while, you might have recognized some of the items I’m throwing out of the car, representing a shedding of past versions of myself.”

Priscilla Block’s new single “Me Pt. 2”

“I hope you’re happy / You said you never had a type / She’s just like me / Likes her heels high, hair curled lightly / I hope you’re happy,” she sings in the first verse, spotting all the similarities between herself and her ex’s new girlfriend. “I heard she’s five foot some change / Amazing grace, a little crazy / What is it she does that adds up that I couldn’t do? / I hope you’re happy you found me part two.”