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Photo courtesy of Dolly Parton on Instagram.……

Dolly Parton’s new single “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans”

With its straight-ahead country-rock arrangement, “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” offers a sense of being on the move and angling toward some better future. “Finally doin’ somethin’ I’ve dreamed of for years,” Parton sings. Where’s she headed? Music City, of course. “Nashville is the place to be for big dreams and faded jeans.”

Liddy Clark’s new single “Made Me”

“I used to hate the mornings, so I’d always sleep ’til noon / Was never one for bright and early, ’til I was waking up by you,” sings Liddy Clark at the start of “Made Me.” After finding someone who opened up her heart, Liddy is a bit surprised at the woman she’s become. “Oh, who have you made me?” she asks.

Ashlyn Marie’s new single “Blind Horse Blues”

Surprisingly, Ashlyn wasn’t going through a breakup when she wrote “Blind Horse Blues”! “I actually had just heard Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” at the time and decided I wanted to write a breakup song,” she recalls. “When I wrote the first verse and chorus, I heard it in a major key and more country than anything. It wasn’t until a co-writing session with Hope Douds that it became a darker, minor key. In the studio with Brandon Manley, he brought a whole new tone to it- marrying the lines of pop and country that I had never imagined possible.”

Payton Howie’s new single “Country Before Me”

“Country Before Me” was written in honor of the trailblazing women of country music that paved the way for female artists like Payton to have the ability to stand up on a stage, behind a mic, or tell the stories of their own lives. Payton wants people to hear the stories of these bold women and share her appreciation for their attitude, showmanship, and perseverance that’s made the industry what it is now.

Amy Jack’s new single “LA’s Calling My Name”

Amy Jack’s new single “LA’s Calling My Name” is all about following your dreams. With the lyrics, “I want to board a west bound train. I want to go down the walk of fame and step toward Heaven’s staircase. I wanna be at the ball game. Be brave take my aim. I want to live in the city of angels where they conquered the flames,” Amy illustrates everything she wants to experience in the city.

Drachel’s new video for “Champagne and Roses”

Drachel makes it crystal clear that while she loves her life and her partner just the way they are, sometimes it’s nice to go all out. Every girl wants to be spoiled every once in a while, and Drachel is no different. She beautifully paints the picture of their everyday life by including small details and imagery into her lyrics, before wrapping up her hopes into one simple line “Change it up, spend a buck, on champagne and roses.”  The music video for the single is no different and combines country and glam to show Drachel’s true star power.