Molly Tuttle.……

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway’s live version of “She’ll Change”

“I’ve always loved the rare bluegrass songs that are sung by women about women,” says Tuttle of the new track. “Songs like ‘It’s Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song’ by Hazel Dickens, and ‘Ellie’ by Kathy Kallick. I wanted to write my own bluegrass song about a badass woman who lives by her own rules. ‘She’ll Change’ is my homage to the strong musical women who helped me find my own voice.”

The Wild West’s new video for “Comes A Time”

For this new release, Tawny Ellis chose to bring in Neil Young’s “Comes A Time” due to her deep love and connection to the song. She envisioned the harmonies of The Wild West in combination with Scarlet Rivera’s violin parts weaving throughout. In addition, Tawny directed the new music video which celebrates the beauty of nature and the West Coast.

Sofia Claire’s new video for “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Today”

“I hope that what viewers can take away from this video is that it is okay to struggle some days. It is okay to not feel like ‘dancing today’. In the video, we see a performer who is struggling with the thought of performing. We don’t exactly know what she’s going through, but something happened to get her to have the mental battle she is having,” shares Sofia Claire.

Sarah Darling’s new video for “Song Still Gets Me”

Regarding the song and video, Darling shares, “This song was written by my good friend and co-producer, Emily Shackelton, along with Carly Pearce and Gordie Sampson. When Emily first shared the song with me, I knew that I needed to record it. It’s amazing how a song can transport us right back to the way we felt with a person or place, happy or sad. Music is powerful in that way and I hope you connect with it as much as I do.”

Tiffany Woys’ new video for “About Love”

“I am so excited to have everyone see my music video for ‘About Love’! Once again my dear friend and director, Robert Chavers absolutely knocked it out of the park,” says Woys. “I always have these wild ideas that he somehow makes reality. This time I said I wanted to be on Broadway which is the busiest street in Nashville and I want it to seem like we are alone. Well, at 4 am there aren’t very many people. Maybe a few garbage trucks. We had so much fun and I loved bringing this I upbeat and carefree song to life.”