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Elle King’s new album “Come Get Your Wife”

Elle shared on social media, “Remember that one time I was beating some a**hole at a game and he yelled, “Come get your wife!” to my partner!?!? And I’m not even married! Lol. Thanks for the album title, babe 😉 Each track comes from influences of all genres, and I now know country music is where I belong.”

Casi Joy’s new single “Under the Hood”

“This is a song about running on fumes and hope, but still knowing deep down you’ve still got some miles left in the tank,” Casi explains. “I wrote it with my friends, Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber, and when I got home with the demo, I knew we had something special. It’s a song I, myself, need to listen to, and I can’t wait to start performing it on the road.”

Whitney Miller’s new single “15 Minutes of Fame”

“This is my freedom song,” Whitney says of the song. “It spurred from one of my biggest heartbreaks that I went through a couple years ago that was extremely abrupt and out of nowhere. Instead of going through my emotions in a healthy way, I just pretended everything was OK. And now, two and a half years later, I still have some of that pain. But now, I get out that anger through my lyrics.”

Mae Estes’ new single “Run”

“I never expected these lyrics to resonate with so many strangers via socials and live shows, but the anticipation for the release of this song has been amazing,” said Estes. “It might be my friends’ favorite song of mine. Soo years after writing it, I’m so excited to finally officially release it. Turns out I’m not alone in feeling the urge to run from anything that seems like it could be good for me.”

Mackenzie Carpenter’s acoustic version of “Jesus, I’m Jealous”

“There are always times in life where you feel like you should have something you don’t already have or be somewhere you haven’t gotten to yet. ‘Jesus I’m Jealous’ is a song that lets you feel all those feelings while also spelling out that everything is gonna work out just fine,” shares Carpenter.

Leah Marie Mason’s new single “Holy Water”

Leah Marie Mason isn’t pulling any punches in her new single “Holy Water.” The TikTok-viral song took off with clever faith-themed lyrics (“A self-proclaimed saint/the picture he paints/but he’s got way too many sins to be saved”) that describe a less-than-holy man- to the acclaim of women with similar experiences on the app. The straightforward and darkly-tinged verses give way to an explosion of a chorus that packs a punch in its delivery.