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Maddie & Tae’s new single “Strangers”

Award-winning country duo Maddie & Tae give a glimpse at their forthcoming project Through The Madness Vol. 1 with a brand-new song “Strangers.” Penned by Maddie & Tae with Adam Hambrick and Jimmy Robbins, “Strangers” captures the feeling of a fated connection powerful enough to make life before love seem to disappear.

Priscilla Block’s new single “My Bar”

“’My Bar’ is a song we wrote probably two or three years ago, and it’s funny because I’ve always loved this song and when I wrote it, I could kind of hear potentially a guy cutting this song. And I thought it’s kinda cool hearing a girl say ‘This is my bar.’ Like, everyone knows a guy loves a good bar, but why can’t a girl love a good bar, and this song just kind of feels like my anthem.”

Emily Scott Robinson’s new video for “If Trouble Comes A Lookin'”

“If Trouble Comes a Lookin’” features a discontented wife with a wandering eye and a priest feeling distant from what he once interpreted as a calling to the church. The only tie that binds these sorrowful souls is the self-inflicted captivity they now face as a consequence of vows they took in the seemingly distant past. 

Emma White’s new single “Cowboy”

Emma White had a lot of really great success in the country realm, but her new single “Cowboy” pushes the genre envelope to more R&B country. She sings about finding a cowboy that she wants to take home to meet family and friends and run off into the sunset with as she exclaims, “Be my cowboy / Take me away.”

Jessica Willis Fisher new single “Fire Song”

 Of “Fire Song,” Jessica shares, “Right before I left, I was having these nightmares that the house was on fire and I was the only one who could tell, and everybody else was going about their normal lives. I was shouting, ‘Wake up! Wake up! We  gotta  get out!’ And I realize now that that was me, trying to say to myself, ‘We have to get out of here!’ So, we’re starting with ‘Fire Song,’ because in my story, I didn’t get to start over until I went through that fiery part.”

Danielle Bradbery’s new single “Break My Heart Again”  

“When writing a song, usually it’s coming from a place that’s personal. For me I’m always trying to put out what’s truly real to me and real for my fans,” Danielle explains. “Even though I wasn’t in the room when this song was created, there’s still something so special about listening to a song that you immediately feel something for, as if you were there writing it.”