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Adele’s new single “Easy On Me”

The song, the first from a hotly anticipated album due in November, begins to do exactly what the singer promised: to address the “inner turmoil” coming from a series of big life changes, including her divorce from Simon Konecki, with whom she shares a son. “I was still a child, didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me, had no time to choose, what I chose to do, so go easy on me,” she sings.

Miranda Lambert’s new single “If I Was A Cowboy”

“If I was a cowboy, I’d be wild and free / rolling around these towns like tumbleweeds,” Lambert sings in the chorus, dreaming of wide-open expanses and endless opportunity and boasting about her rebellious streak: “You thought the west was wild / but you ain’t saddled up with me.”

Paige King Johnson’s new single “Baby Don’t”

Of her new single, Paige says, “‘Baby Don’t’ is a song from my fun & flirty side. This is the first song that I have recorded & released & not been a writer on, but it’s written by 3 of my top songwriting lady heroes in Nashville – Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, & Hillary Lindsey. The first time I heard “Baby Don’t” I instantly knew it was made for me. I had a lot of fun creating some new and different sounds on this song that my listeners may or may not expect from me!”

Arielle Rae’s new single “Calling Him”

We all have been in that one relationship where we want to just be with them and spend time with them, but they are not good for us at the same time. They cause emotions to go crazy, they cause heartache but they can cause your heart to flutter all at the same time. Arielle tells her story as she waits around for this guy who stands her up and has her all up in her head constantly. Eventually, she gives in and calls him. “Just when I think I’m over it and have had enough, I find myself calling him up.”

Juliana Riccardi’s new EP “Full Cup”

Using the 7-track EP as a project of reflection, “Full Cup” details a variety of moments from self-destruction to self-acceptance, hindrance to inspiration, and the importance of a strong foundation in the relationships we have not only with others, but also ourselves. “Full Cup” opens with the introspective title track which finds Juliana answering the age-old question ‘do you view life as a glass full or empty?’ as she reminisces on moments in her life that celebrate the different facets of who she is: grounded, honest, and confident

Sheyda’s new single “Lungs”

Sheyda is back again with a powerful nod to the trauma and abuse that so many suffer.  With her brand new single, “Lungs” she is solidifying her status as an artist that puts important issues at the forefront of her music. She shares that the song is “about trauma and survival” and hopes fans will be able to perhaps find a bit of healing within the lyrics.

Georgia Webster’s new video for “Tell Your Mom”

“This is my favorite video so far,” says Georgia. “I really wanted to exaggerate the mom character to make it fun and crazy. It was a blast and getting to film in a grocery store and laundry mat while they were open was definitely the highlight.”

Lindsay Adamson’s new single “Get You Back”

After going through a breakup recently, Adamson grew instantly drawn to the single when first being presented with it. After Adamson gave up on the online dating realm, she found love by accident. Having thought she met her person, he lost it and the heartbreak that came from that loss of love was more than the singer could handle.