Wynonna and Trisha Yearwood’s new single “Cry Myself To Sleep”

Judd and Yearwood’s newly recorded “Cry Myself to Sleep” is the second preview of the Judds’ forthcoming star-studded compilation record, A Tribute to the Judds, and follows Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s “Love Is Alive.”

Anne Wilson’s new country single “Rain In The Rearview”

Anne Wilson is beginning her crossover into the Country genre with her very first Country single. With emotions gathering like a distant storm, “Rain In the Rearview” opens up with a downpour of wounded soul…but ultimately looks for a blue sky ahead.

Flatland Cavalry and Kaitlin Butts’ new single “Mornings With You”

“It is the great honor and privilege of my life to get to wake up next to my wife, Kaitlin Butts, so including her voice on the song added an element that makes for a truly beautiful and powerful recording,” says Flatland frontman, Cleto Cordero.

Bailey Rae’s new single “Broken Heart to Broken Heart”

“Broken Heart to Broken Heart” takes you on a journey to the days of Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette and all those country music legends. I grew up on classic country music and honky tonk songs, which have influenced both my music and style. I feel strongly that real country music still has a place in today’s music industry and after a short break from releasing music, I returned to my roots with “Broken Heart to Broken Heart”. This single is dang sure COUNTRY and represents the style of music that I am passionate about preserving.

Drew Haley’s new EP “Don’t Mess With Mama”

Country/Americana songwriter Drew Haley is fueled by deep love: love for the art of storytelling, love for the classic rock and blues music she grew up on, and love for her three children. Her voice exudes a subtle yet soulful power, inspired by the tight country harmonies of the Judds and the Dixie Chicks as well as the effortless cool of alt-rockers Jewel, Norah Jones, and Sheryl Crow.

Jordana Bryant’s new single “18”

“I think when we’re younger, we all think once we become an adult, we’ll have everything figured out,” says Jordana. “But the older I get, the more I realize that just isn’t true. No matter what age you are, you’re always going to have some questions because we’re all still growing and learning, and everyone’s on their own path.”