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Taylor Swift’s new music video for “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” feat. Chris Stapleton

Taylor Swift recently released Red (Taylor’s Version) as her second re-recorded album. One of the songs “From The Vault” is “I Bet You Think About Me” featuring Chris Stapleton. The song goes back to her country roots, and the accompanying video is covered in the color red.

Callista Clark’s new video for “Real To Me”

Fast-rising newcomer Callista Clark debuted the ethereal music video for “Real To Me”. Flexing her heart-in-throat vocal delivery, the 18-year-old songstress validates the emotions of youth in the poignant and relatable track, co-written alongside Cameron Jaymes and Laura Veltz. 

Megan Knight’s new single “My Drama”

Her newest single “My Drama”,  Knight creates something fresh with the help of catchy and honest lyrics as well as her sultry voice. Megan has always been identified as a self proclaimed drama queen and was also nicknamed that by her family. She co-wrote “My Drama” with James LeBlanc and Jimmy Nutt. With this song, Megan really wanted to take the raw traditional musicality of the Shoals and fuse it together with the Pop Contemporary sound of Nashville. 

Drachel’s new single “Champagne and Roses”

The song serves as a reminder to her that a fairytale kind of love really does exist. She wrote it over a year ago, as a single college girl, and says, “I had no idea then that I would meet the love of my life before the song came out, but the universe works in the most beautiful way.”

Riddy Arman’s new self-titled album

Rather than get lost in the forlorn feelings of which she often sings, Arman has chosen to embrace isolation and interpret her life through the rural landscape that adorns her lyrics. With fierce honesty and a voice that immediately commands attention, her forthcoming debut proves she’s far more than just a cowboy, singing her lonely songs.

Molly Tuttle’s new single “She’ll Change”

“I’ve always loved the rare bluegrass songs that are sung by women about women,” says Tuttle of the new track. “Songs like ‘It’s Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song’ by Hazel Dickens, and ‘Ellie’ by Kathy Kallick. I wanted to write my own bluegrass song about a badass woman who lives by her own rules. ‘She’ll Change’ is my homage to the strong musical women who helped me find my own voice.”

Lauren Davidson’s new single “Hindsight” and EP “Hindsight Is 2020”

“Hindsight Is 2020” is a collection of songs and stories that highlight various snapshots of what Lauren was feeling and personally experiencing during the pandemic, and through the year of 2020. The title track “Hindsight”, penned by Davidson and Clint Wells, showcases honest lyrics and vulnerability that are universally relatable. “One of modern country music’s most underrated female recording artists…” (Digital Journal), Lauren has delivered another project of true artistry that will absolutely captivate you.

Parker Graye’s new single “Cowboys Go”

Of her new single, Parker Graye says, ““Cowboys Go” really taps into my lack of optimism when it comes to a connection. My jaded, sad girl heart has been in love and let down many times and I often battle the push and pull of allowing myself to fall all the way in or not involving myself at all.”