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Elle King’s new cover of “Jersey Giant”

While Tyler Childers never recorded this song in the studio, it has become beloved by his fans. Elle King’s rendition definitely does it justice! She says, “Tyler Childers is not too far from where my family lives and he’s a legend. The life of a song is something so beautiful to me, and country music has taught me to see that the opportunity to sing a song written by someone else, is nothing short of a gift, a blessing.”

Casi Joy‘s new single “The Tree and Me”

Casi Joy is using her clever writing and humor to capture a Griswold inspired tune that goes on to explain the title as “The tree and me are getting lit.”  The antics of a family similar to the Griswold are also perfectly reflected in the song as she sings about ‘the bi-polar express that describes my Daddy’s mistress.’

Rachel McIntyre Smith’s new single “Queen of Our Hometown”

“‘Queen of Our Hometown’ is all about going where you are loved the most. Where everyone knows you, cares about you, and would drop anything to help you out. The world can be really harsh sometimes, and it’s good for the soul to go somewhere that you are cherished. As everyone goes back home to celebrate the holidays, I thought it would be the perfect time to release this acoustic version of this track from my debut EP ‘Glory Daze.'”

Becca Bowen’s new track “Boy”

Becca Bowen’s song “Boy” is off her new album Like You’ve Never Been Loved. “For this album, I wanted to stay with the authentic country sound that I grew up listening to but also combine some pop country tunes on the album as well,” Bowen explains. “My debut album, Like You’ve Never Been Loved, is a project that I have dreamt of creating for years. I have always wanted to take my listeners on a journey of finding love, the struggles of relationships, heartbreak, and then the strength that follows after loss.”

Kelly Lang’s New Album “Old Soul II

“I released OLD SOUL in 2020 and was so pleased with how well it was received,” shares Lang. “There were so many more songs I wanted to record for that project that we decided to do a second installment with OLD SOUL II. I want it on record that I am not trying to do the impossible and improve on the originals, I’m just hoping that a new generation may hear my take on these songs and inspire them to go back in music history and find the originals.”

Brit Taylor’s new single “Rich Little Girls”

The idea for “Rich Little Girls,” penned by Taylor, Kimberly Kelly and Adam Wright, grew out of real life. Taylor had invited Wright and his family over for dinner so his kids could pet the goats and donkeys, but she had to cancel when a person failed to show and she had to be the one to go clean a client’s church. When the trio met a couple days later to co-write, the song just poured out. After all, Taylor and Kelly lived it firsthand.

Emily Ann Roberts’s new music video for “The Building”

Emily Ann Roberts’s new music video was shot partially at the mother church of country music, the Ryman Auditorium. This song traces the Roberts family lineage from when her great-grandfather began preaching at her home church in East Tennessee more than 80 years ago. While Emily Ann sings about what this “building” did for her relationship with God, the “building” can also be any place that feels like home- a place to celebrate weddings, birthdays, the birth of a baby or the passing of a loved one.