Photo courtesy of Lainey Wilson on Instagram.……

Lainey Wilson’s new album “Bell Bottom Country”

Lainey shared on Instagram, “Bell bottom country is country with a flare. It’s about what makes you (and me) unique. It’s how we live our lives and tell our stories, and I’ve lived quite a bit of life and have some stories to share on this record. I hope y’all dig it! Turn it UP”

Jenna DeVries and Harper Grae’s new single “Drunk Girls”

“It’s meant to be a party anthem for girls, and the whole theme is why can’t we all be nice to each other like we are when we’re drunk in the bathroom? There’s this sense of unbroken camaraderie, and I just feel like we’re always pitted against each other so sometimes we lose that in everyday life. Even though it’s kind of silly, I think it’s a really important piece of being a woman. I’m hoping we can get that across and just have a blast at the same time,” says Jenna DeVries.

Stephanie Quayle’s new album “On The Edge”

“There was a time in my life I refer to as “the lost years”, a time of excruciating grief and betrayal and ultimately, redemption,” Stephanie says. “A time when I wasn’t sure I could get to the other side. “On The Edge” is my story. A story I’ve kept in the dark for 13 years but now feel the freedom to share. This is the most vulnerable I have ever been. But it’s time to share and let the healing begin.”

JD Reynolds’ new single “8 Seconds”

“I want people to hear the “8 Seconds” story, to gain an insight into the lives of past, present, and future professional bull riders and those who love them,” JD says. “The family traditions surrounding the sport are inspiring, the spirit and passion of bull riding passed down through generations. I want people to hear in my voice the feelings felt by loved ones watching these brave athletes ride. 

Shaylen’s new single “Roots”

“‘Roots’ has an extra special place in my heart. I was in the middle of leaving my life behind in LA after 10 years. Last summer I had my very first write in Nashville and It all clicked immediately… I was supposed to be here,” Shaylen shares. “I’m from Chattanooga originally so it would seem obvious but sometimes you just have to take the long way around in life I guess. I’ll remember the day we wrote it ‘till I’m 90; We were all crying by the end of it.”

Kelsey Lamb’s new single “Too Much History”

“I wrote this song with @lexiehayden & @taylorgoyettemusic a few years ago. We got in the room – Lexie had this idea and we all poured our own stories into it and that makes it feel so powerful. I hope you can find your own story inside of this song & feel less alone going through heartbreak,” Kelsey shares on Instagram.

Bailey James’ new single & music video “Better Angels”

“This song is dedicated to the world. We are all battling something. Everyone is dragging some type of pain that most people around them have no idea about. There is no pain or loss that this life can put on you that heaven can’t heal. I challenge everyone to love more, fight less and help those that need it. We are stronger together than we are all alone. Sometimes it’s just recognizing someone’s existence through a smile or wave that can set them on a more positive course. May the world know better angels.” – Bailey James

Stella Prince’s new single “Closing Doors”

“In these difficult and challenging times, it is hard to maintain a sense of hope and possibility,” says Prince. “I decided to write this song, ‘Closing Doors,’ because so many of us are struggling with loss or hardship. Like the lyrics in the song, ‘hope is the only thing that keeps me going/when all the fear of life’s commotions spins around and brings me down.’”