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Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde debut female-directed music video

Already a force with their songwriting prowess and vocal capabilities, Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde debut an intense music video for “Never Wanted To Be That Girl.” The pair joined female and first-time director Alexa Campbell to film scenes of their parallel lives out of sync with the wrong guy. Each unassuming woman finds herself in a place she never wanted to be – both suspecting and discovering the truth about a liar. The clips captured just outside of Nashville find the two women visually reflecting as they consider their own blind spots in a painfully sobering moment.

Jake Dodds and Carly Rogers’ new single “She Goes To Work”

The song is an anthem for hard-working frontline workers who have put everything on the line this past year. As nurses were on the front lines during the pandemic, the first verse seems to resonate with them the most. Earlier this year, Dodds took to TikTok with the single “She Goes To Work” and received over 1.2 million views.

Macy Krew’s new single “Shine”

Macy wrote this after she had gotten cut at the end of Hollywood week at American Idol and she realized she didn’t need a tv show to be an artist in the country music world.  She decided to use this as motivation, independently going on major tours and penning honest words about how she will ‘shine’ no matter what. 

Alicia Stockman’s new single “These Four Walls”

The new track by Alicia Stockman was written to help the songwriter process a former relationship in which her partner had a severe depression/anxiety disorder. She openly discusses her own experiences with mental health issues to help destigmatize the conversation on mental health and to help others know they are not alone.

Sofia Claire’s new single “Always Almost Over You”

A fun, catchy, upbeat tune that listeners can relate as everyone has that one person that will always be special to them no matter what. For Sofia, this song reminds her of how she feels about singing. The very few times she stopped, everything reminded her of it, and she felt drawn back to it. The writers created this song to be broad enough that it can relate to anyone and anything.

Abbey Cone’s new single “Rhinestone Ring”

“When I was a little girl I used to dream not of my future husband, but my perfect wedding – the dress, the cake, the flowers and how many people would be there,” explains Cone. “But then, when you meet the right person you realize you don’t need all of those things that you thought you did so ‘Rhinestone Ring’ comes from that perspective. It’s saying, I vow to this person that love is the part of the day that matters most.”