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Mickey Guyton’s new single “Somethin’ Bout You”

“This summer I took the time to unplug, focus on new music, and to really enjoy what life is all about. What I found was so much love,” Guyton wrote on social media. “I had such an amazing time writing this with Tyler Hubbard and David Garcia. This song just has a fun vibe and is about being enamored with everything about your partner. I just LOVE love and hope that when you listen to it, it reminds you of the special someone.”

Lily Rose’s new single “Truth Is”

“We’ve all been in a place where you believe you are over someone or something, but you realize you’re lying to yourself. I hope fans feel like their experience that they’ve once felt, or are currently feeling, is explained in the three minutes of ‘Truth Is,'” shares Rose. “I wrote this song with three of my favorite people, and being able to close out the year by celebrating my friends is a huge blessing.”

Ashley Cooke’s new single “it’s been a year”

‘It’s Been a Year’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who reflects on her good and bad personal moments of 2022. With a heavy heart, she reveals one heartbreaking memory, “It’s been a year since I watched him walk on out that door, and I wish I’d fought a little more. Still feels like yesterday, but it’s been a year, and now he’s at her place five nights a week. Yeah, that feels kinda quick to me, but I guess it’s been a year.”

Shaylen’s new single “What If I Don’t”

“Being a Tennessee/Texas girl, country music has always been home for me,” shares Shaylen. “It’s always been my feel-good place and I decided that it’s time to focus on making art and writing songs that genuinely serve my true self. I simply want to be the most authentic version of myself and it’s so nice to just come home and lean into that freedom. It’s incredible that when you get on the path that’s meant for you, everything starts to fall into place emotionally, musically and spiritually. Being able to dive into the wonderful Nashville songwriting community, I’m finally able to tell my story in a way that I am proud of.”

Kassi Ashton’s new single “I Don’t Go Back”

“I Don’t Go Back” is a slow, introspective track shows off Kassi’s soulful voice as the lyrics allow her to reminisce over good parts of that past while being exactly where she wants to be in the present, “I’m a moving on, straight ahead. Eyes on the road always does me best.  I’m out with the old, in with the new.  Yeah, I don’t go back but if I did, it’d be to you,” and “I don’t miss who I was, I’m exactly where I wanna be now.  These ain’t tears, this ain’t no flood.  It’s just a song that I can’t turn down.”

Madeline Edwards’ new single “The Wolves”

“‘The Wolves’ is about looking danger or opportunity in the face and saying ‘I’m not afraid.’ When people tell you you can’t do something, rise above, look within and show them that you can.” Full of unbridled confidence, Edwards leans into a lyric that sees her facing the naysayers head on as she pokes the bear so to speak, challenging them through several different dares that she throws at them throughout the opening verse: