Photo courtesy of Paige King Johnson on Instagram.……

Paige King Johnson’s new single “Santa Train”

“Patty Loveless’ voice has always been a favorite of mine & “Santa Train” has always been at the top of my Christmas playlist,” shares Johnson. “I’m so glad to be releasing my own rendition. This version of the great bluegrass “Santa Train” has all the energy & joy that Christmas brings for me, and I hope it brings that to everyone who listens!”

Dallas Remington’s new single “Guilty”

“Sometimes being overly honest with your co-writers works out in your favor. One day instead of just saying ‘I’m sorry I was late’ or ‘sorry, there was traffic’ like most people would do, I felt the need to tell Craig and Nancy, in detail, why I was late for our writing appointment. I had seen the most gorgeous metro police officer and a fire truck full of good-looking firemen on my way. Both of those situations had me so flustered that I got lost trying to get to our writing session. That led to a very long conversation about my attraction to men in uniform and the next thing you know, “Guilty” was born!” shared Dallas Remington.

Laci Kaye Booth’s new single “Damn Good in a Dive Bar”

“This song was written after an ex boyfriend asked me ‘Laci, why do we always have to go to dive bars?’ And my response was “cause I look DAMN GOOD in a dive bar”. I immediately thought it was a cool song idea. I wanted to make it a dreamy-country anthem for all the dive bar girls like me,” says Booth.

Ashley Cooke’s new single “running back”

“running back” was written by Cooke and Emily Weisband. It reveals unresolved feelings and ‘what if’s’ about her football-star high school sweetheart and confesses she would still go ‘running back’ to him if he asked. “I’ve had a few somebody news // Thought about forever too // But I run away when it gets close to that // ‘Cause no matter how far down the road // The crazy thing is I know // If you called and said you’re missin’ what we had // I’d come running back”

Mackenzie Carpenter’s new single “Jesus, I’m Jealous”

“I think everyone can relate to being jealous of something or someone at some point in their lives. This song is an emotional dive into wanting what someone else has while also believing that everything is going to turn out exactly as it should.”

Belles’ new single “Accidents Happen”

Belles’ lyrics tell stories of family, heartbreak, and hardships all with different and deeper meanings. On the new single “Accidents Happen,” Belles shared on Instagram, “Wrote this song with @newbytunes during Covid on zoom- releasing this one has been a long time coming! Thank you @andrewecapra & @nedcameron for absolutely slaying this production and letting me live my Dolly Parton fantasy 🥰”