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Kaitlin Butts’ new single “blood”

Kaitlin Butt’s new single “blood” is from her forthcoming album What Else Can She Do. Produced by Oran Thornton (Angaleena Presley, Logan Brill) and recorded at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios, What Else Can She Do tells the stories of women—those who are lost, struggling, angry and scared, but who remain resilient through it all.

Dolly Parton’s new single “Blue Bonnet Breeze”

“Thank you for letting me share this tale about star-crossed lovers with you,” Parton shared on Instagram. The lyrics of the track end tragically with the words, “They drove faster and faster, as fast as could go / ‘Til they crashed in a field of bluebonnets below / They placed a marker saying may you rest in peace / Now their souls soar together in the blue bonnet breeze.”

Regan Stewart’s new single “Drunk Heart”

“I came into the room with “Drunk Heart” as an idea, and I remember someone saying we should personify the heart,” Regan recalls. “After that, we went on talking about the craziest things people do when they get drunk and the person that they turn into. I’ll speak for everyone when I say we all channeled our inner girl who happened to have one two many shots of tequila on Broadway.”

Sacha’s new EP “We Did”

When she launches into the chorus, Sacha’s vocals are bold, just like the love she’s singing about. In the lyrics, there’s something both ordinary and irresistible in the scene she sets for us: “The stars start falling like heaven is crying / We’re laying on the hood with the thunder and the lighting / We didn’t know any better / Wouldn’t care if we did / Didn’t know we had forever but we did.” 

Sarah Darling’s new video for “Pretender”

Regarding the song and video, Darling shares, “I’ve got stories to tell,” she said. “I hope my fans get to see a glimpse of who I am and how I’ve grown.” She went on to explain, “This video really brings it all to life for me — the adventure, the attitude, and moving forward. Plus, there’s some humor filtered in, and that’s just because I’ve lived to know.”

Amanda Kate’s new video for “Deconstruction of a Heartache”

Talking about the song, Amanda shares, “Deconstruction of a Heartache” made all my 90s Country dreams come true!! This is the kind of sassy girl song I grew up loving and I’m thrilled I have my own sassy anthem.” The song was penned by two of Nashville’s most recognized writers, Bob DiPiero and Leslie Satcher, both have cuts with many of the 90s most popular artists including Reba McEntire, George Strait, Pam Tillis, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, and Kathy Mattea among many more.