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Left photo Dolly Parton by Kevin Winter. Middle photo Clare Dunn courtesy of Big Yellow Dog Music. R…

Dolly Parton’s new single “5 to 9”

Dolly Parton’s classic hit has gotten a makeover! This version, which was part of the Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, has been recast as “5 to 9” — open to interpretation, it seems, whether that means 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. or a four-hour chunk of time before or after a typical workday, when people with “passion and a vision” are focused on their “dreams.”

Clare Dunn’s new EP “Real Thing”

“Real Thing” was recorded on Clare’s family farm and ranch, and the time spent there has allowed her to pursue her other passion: music production. “It’s a passion I’ve been pursuing for years, then Covid, in a weird way, has been a big launching pad for me. There was no going to the studio or working with a co-producer, so if you can make music on your own, you can put it out.”

Regan Stewart’s new single “Dancin’ Around It”

The song actually came from a personal experience Regan had when she first moved to Nashville. She said “When I first moved to town, there was this guy that I had a crush on and we were pretty good friends. He would hang out with me and a couple of my friends often, and one time we were hanging out and I went to the restroom and he told my roommate that he liked me. My roommate knew that I was kind of interested too, but in that moment he didn’t do anything about it. You could feel it in the air but it was like we were dancing around how we felt.”

Jo Smith’s new single “Wyoming” feat. Vince Gill

Singer-songwriter Jo Smith creates a musical movie, and it is as captivating as the Western landscape itself. “I was inspired on a trip out West when I saw the big sky and the Rockies for the first time,” she says. “The devastating beauty and dangerousness provided the
perfect backdrop for the traditional, and yet, unconventional
heartbreak story that became ‘Wyoming’. Now, years hence, and after 2020, it seems that everyone can relate to the experience of unexpected loss.”

Amy Speace’s new single “Shotgun Hearts”

Amy Speace’s newest single speaks to and celebrates her time in New York City. “A year ago I was playing a show in NYC and found myself walking the same path as my younger self from 20 years prior, thinking of the days and nights when I was just starting out as an actress and a songwriter—riding the subways late at night—when everything felt sparked with desire.”