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Maren Morris’ new song “Background Music”

“I wrote ‘Background Music’ about the beauty of the temporary, which is inevitably all things,” says Maren. “The romanticism of eternity sounds nice, but I like to think I savor things better when I know I’m not entitled to it in perpetuity. It’s a love song that addresses mortality but it’s also promising someone that even when we aren’t cool anymore, I want to grow old with them and laugh about the times we thought we were.”

Hailey Whitters’ new single “The Neon”

“I wrote ‘The Neon’ with Lori McKenna and Rodney Clawson about a broken-hearted bender on the town,” Whitters says. “It was our first time writing together and Lori brought in the title. I think the next line that came out of the room that day was ‘here comes the sad part’ and we instantly knew it was this ‘tear in my beer’ type lyric. I love getting to tap into this song emotionally every time I sing it. Whenever I’m feelin’ blue, there’s no broken heart a barstool and a cold beer (or shot of tequila) can’t fix.”

Gracie Carol’s new single “Old School Love”

 In her song, she sings about keeping true chivalry alive in the current dating scene. In the chorus, “I think I’ve had enough of that / Come on be a gentleman / Old school love, yeah that old school love / Stereo over your head / Roses lying on the bed / Old school love, yeah that old school love / Meet me in the middle / I just a need a little throwback touch / In your vintage truck.” 

Sofia Claire’s new single “Kickin’ Up Stardust”

“‘Kickin’ Up Stardust’ is the first song of mine that I co-wrote to be fully recorded and released. I am beyond proud of what we have created and cannot wait to share it with the world. Stardust is a feel-good song about picking yourself up and taking the bull by its horns,” shares Sofia Claire.

Allison Asarch’s new album “Texas to Tennessee”

“I’m so, so proud of these 13 songs and how far I’ve come as an artist,” Allison explains. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every person who’s ever listened to my music, taken my business card, watched a live stream, or believed in me! I am on my way here in Nashville and I’m so glad I took the journey from Texas To Tennessee. I’d love for people to take away joy, love and fun with these songs. This is a great introduction to me as an artist and I can’t wait to see which ones people gravitate towards!”