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Carrie Underwood’s new single “Softly And Tenderly”

Carrie Underwood has released her rendition of the late 19th-century Christian hymn “Softly and Tenderly.” It’s the first release off her upcoming album of religious songs “My Savior”, a companion piece of sorts to last year’s holiday album, “My Gift.” Her rendition is a simple piano reading, with her voice imploring those “who are weary” to come home to Jesus.

Lauren Davidson’s new live video for “Live In The Light”

After her latest release “Live In The Light“, Lauren Davidson has now released a live recording for fans to enjoy! With so many live shows being cancelled, Lauren is bringing live shows to us at home. Fortunately, her co-producer Dave Ricco has a studio that Lauren and her band were able to record in.

Kristen Kae’s new video for “She’s Not Me”

 “She’s Not Me” is a fun, upbeat and all-around catchy single with a strong bass beat that fits the tempo. The music video for “She’s Not Me” depicts a couple at various stages of their relationship, and the song is for anyone who ultimately has experienced an ex moving on.

Hannah Bell’s new single “Get Rid Of It”

“Get Rid of It” exemplifies Hannah’s unwavering character as the listener accompanies her on a journey through the end of a relationship and taking the high road as someone moves on from a relationship. This modern love song embodies the experiences many people have to go through at some point in their lives and reassures them that they are not alone. 

Lilly Winwood’s new album “Time Well Spent”

Lilly Winwood gives a glimpse into her personal experiences with her wise beyond her years writing. Her rootsy voice is the perfect compliment as she explores coming of age themes of going through finding love, making mistakes, waiting for karma to catch up and discovering her true self. 

The Local Honeys’ new single “Dying To Make A Living”

 Of the song, The Local Honeys said “The song is a prime example of the continued collaborative nature within this region. Traditional music is an evolving art form, living and breathing in generations as they come and go. This song is an honest and brutal commentary of the working men and women dying to make a living at the expense of their bodies to power the world outside of Appalachia.”