Left photo Kylie Frey by Joseph Llanes. Middle photo Carly Pearce courtesy of Everything Nash. Right…

Carly Pearce’s new release “Should’ve Known Better”

“I’ve discovered a lot about myself over the last year, wrestling with how not to assign so much blame for accepting or overlooking things that in the end know you should’ve known. This song is about finding peace in all kinds of relationships as you figure them out, and hopefully, you’re better for the next.”

Stephanie Ryann’s new single “Ain’t Nothing Better”

“There are a ton of songs about whiskey out there, many having to do with drinking away your sorrows after a breakup or missing someone in your life. We (myself, Taylor Teasley and Dariann Leigh) wanted to write a song that celebrated the amber colored spirit we know and love. Whether it’s after a long days work or just out on the town with friends, ‘there ain’t nothing better than a little whiskey’.”

Kylie Frey’s new video “I Do Thing”

The upbeat, optimistic tune about new beginnings and finding “The One” unexpectedly after never considering herself to be the marrying kind. Of her new video, Kylie said “So excited to show my quirky side with this new video! This song was written kind of poking fun at myself, and I wanted the video to reflect that.” 

Paige King Johnson’s new release “Just Like You”

Paige King Johnson recently won THREE categories at the Carolina Country Music Awards: 2020 Female Vocalist of the Year, Country Emerging New Artist, and Country Tour of the Year. Of her recent wins, Paige said “I didn’t start playing music to get awards like these, but it’s always such an honor. I write and play music every day hoping that it can mean something to just one person & these awards are just sweet reminders that what I’m doing is making a difference.”

Dakota Danielle’s new single “Backroads”

“Backroads” is a fun, upbeat tune inspired by combined experiences of cruising down backroads in their small hometowns. Proving that men aren’t the only ones having fun in the mud, Danielle celebrates the trouble to be found in a nowhere town. The most robust track from Dakota to date, “Backroads” is all powerhouse vocals in the front and a full band party in the back. 

Kaylin Roberson’s new release “Break Up Proof”

In the video for her song “Break Up Proof,” Kaylin Roberson ponders how some things in life, like queen-sized beds, mascara and old love songs, just don’t hold up well after a heartbreak. In the passionate song she sings “They don’t make makeup meant for heartbreaks, love songs that still sound the same late at night, like they do before goodbye,” showing how some things change after going through a broken heart.

Olivia Farabaugh’s new single “My Way Back Home”

Olivia’s new single deals with going back to your roots to find yourself. She sings “Growing up I counted down the days till I could break free… but the farther I go I think maybe my need to escape is fading.” There was always such a need to get away, but now there is only the need to go home where it all began “I need something to re-light this fire in my soul that’s been burning out.”