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Miranda Lambert’s new single “Strange”

“We did write it in 2020,” Lambert explains. “We kind of wrote it towards addressing some heavy things, but mostly we want people to take away from this song to be lighter on their feet and take a breath and play a song and do a dance and maybe fly somewhere fun, just kind of escape from a reality that isn’t too good.” 

Karissa Ella’s new single “Whiskey Whispers Your Name”

“I wrote this song with Conner Sweet and Lydia Dall. It outlines someone trying to move on from a past relationship. With whiskey being a trigger, every sip brings back all the memories you shared. This song showcases the struggles of moving on from someone who was once so important. Although it is a sad song, it is one of my favorites and I hope fans love it and relate to it as much as I do!” says Karissa Ella.

Kaitlin Butts’ new acoustic performance video for “blood”

Reflecting on her upcoming album, Butts shares, “These songs are all stories of different women facing the question: what else can she do? Based on her circumstances, what choices does she have, right or wrong? I don’t think that life is all that pretty sometimes, and it comes with pain and pushing through hard times, being stagnant, going through the motions, not knowing what to do, or just being flat out angry with whatever life has put on your plate. I see myself in all of these women in these stories.”

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway’s new song “Dooley’s Farm” feat. Billy Strings

Of the track, Tuttle shares, “When I was a kid I loved ‘Dooley,’ a song about a moonshiner whose daughters helped him run the family still. In ‘Dooley’s Farm’ I decided to recast Dooley as a modern-day outlaw, writing from the perspective of his granddaughter. I wrote this song with Ketch Secor and brought Billy Strings in to lend his amazing voice and playing. I had fun updating this classic bluegrass character while taking some inspiration from my real grandfather who was a farmer (but not that kind of farmer).”

Erinn Peet Lukes’ new single “Dime a Dozen”

“I wrote this short song in about 10 minutes, after I received a text from someone I used to date who ghosted me,” she recalls. “I knew he wasn’t checking in on me because he cared about me, so when he said, “I just care about your music,” I lost it. I told him he didn’t care about my music or my heart.”

Carter Faith’s new song “Greener Pasture”

“I wrote this song with Tofer (Brown) and Lauren (Hungate) the first time we ever got in a room together, and we struck magic. I was looking for the next song to come after my EP and wanted it to be special, and I found that with them,” shares Faith. “Greener Pasture is about that heartbreaking feeling when someone leaves you for the possibility of something better, looking for something greater is human nature but never fails to leave a lot of hurt in its wake.”