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Miranda Lambert’s new single “In His Arms”

Backed by collaborators Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, Miranda Lambert sings a song of longing. She’s been all over and experienced plenty, but now, she sings, “I wish I was in his arms tonight.” The man in question could be one of many she mentions (she never specifies) but she wonders if he’s “out there lookin’ for me” and hoping for the same.

Corinne Cook’s new single “Turning Off The World”

This light-hearted country single is Corinne Cook’s little bit of escapism in a world that feels a bit overwhelming at times, and it’s a fun listen. I think everyone at some point wishes they had the ability to press a virtual pause or mute button to just stop the noise and nonsense around them and get a rest from it all. This single is about exactly that. It’s someone saying “right, I’ve had enough and now I’m taking control”.

Gracie Carol’s new release “Is Yet”

Of her new single, Gracie said, “This song is one of those songs that will hit you when you going through it. Whether that’s figuring out what you could be in a new relationship or losing a love and your searching to find what happened to it, in both of those cases you don’t know what it is yet. It can relate to so many people, so now I’m happy I too can share it with the world and they can feel what I feel with it!”

Lindsay Adamson’s new release “He Ain’t Worth The Makeup”

Of the inspiration behind her song, Lindsey said, “I wrote the song after a friend of mine texted me that she was supposed to have a first date with a guy she connected with on a dating app, and she got all ready and looked amazing, but then he didn’t show up or even text her to cancel. I’ve had a similar situation happen, and so have most of my girlfriends. And so I thought it would be fun to write a song about it.”

The Highway Women’s new single “Dead Man Walking”

Regulars on COWGIRL music features, The Highway Women bring us another new offering! Of their new single, the girls said, ““We wanted to shoot it straight for all of the ladies out there, no pun intended. Never let anyone put you down, never take no for an answer and never let anyone get between you and that dream you are chasing.”