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Kaitlin Butts’ new single “it won’t always be this way”

Of the song, Butts shares, “For a long time, my mom and I were going through some hard times. She was going through a divorce, and we kept getting what I like to call ‘clothes-lined’ by life. We kept trying to be positive and we’d say ‘it won’t always be this way’ and by the time we’d get some traction again, we’d get the rug pulled out from under us again. That pattern took place for a pretty long time, but the phrase ‘it won’t always be this way’ remained.”

Brady Lee and Gracie Carol’s new single “On The Line”

Since taking to TikTok to promote the new release, Brady has almost 500k views across all videos promoting the single. The song was written by Brady Lee, Gracie Carol, and Michael Warning. The chorus “‘Cause when you say hello, baby anything goes / It could be any time, it could be day or night, you can call me whenever you like / ‘Cause there’s something in the way you talk, I can never hang you up / And I’m hanging on for dear life / Yeah I’m laying it all on the line,” illustrates how much he cares for his love interest.

Karissa Ella’s new video for “Whiskey Whispers Your Name”

“Filming the music video for this song was a blast! My videographers, Travis Flynn and Justin Mayotte, really helped bring this song to life. It was a hard concept to pull off because of the amount of editing but they worked their magic. We really wanted to capture the idea that with every sip of whiskey, the memories of her past relationship begin fading back in. I was actually drinking whiskey the whole time because I wanted it to be real, so some might say I had a little too much fun on set! I love this song and am excited to see what people think of the music video.” says Karissa Ella.

Kylie Morgan’s new single “Independent With You”

“At first I thought this song was too personal to release,” shares Kylie. “After posting just a demo on social media, it reached one million views overnight. Once I was flooded with messages and comments from so many women who felt the same, I suddenly felt even more connected to the song. I’ve never been more excited for a release in my life. Not for myself, for all the independent souls out there.”

Dallas Remington’s new single “Dirty Roses”

“Sometimes being good doesn’t make up for being bad and that’s exactly what we wanted to say when we wrote ‘Dirty Roses!’ This song is so fun live and our studio band captured that perfectly with this almost punk-rock country anthem! Y’all crank it up!” exclaimed Dallas Remington.