Loretta Lynn’s new album “Still Woman Enough”

That white-hot spark has always been a major part of Lynn’s appeal, along with her ability to weave the details of her remarkable life into song. “I know how to love, lose, and survive,” Lynn sings in “Still Woman Enough.” Lynn’s journey hasn’t always been an easy one. What’s amazing is that, 60 years into her career, that experience is still feeding her creatively.

Savannah Conley‘s new single “Not Where I’m Going”

Of the inspiration behind the song, Savannah said “Realizing the things that are bad for you is hard. Making a commitment to put boundaries on those things is harder. Writing this song, I was in a place where my boundaries and personal commitment were being tested. Everything felt wrong, so It was so tempting to go back to old patterns where moderation was not in my vocabulary for anything. The vocal that you hear is the scratch vocal from the day we wrote it, which I think is so fitting for the song. Raw and honest.”

Rachel McIntyre Smith’s new single “Baggage”

“Baggage” was inspired by Rachel’s dip into the dating pool at the start of the pandemic last year. She started dating a new guy, and of the experience she said “When we started dating, I had opened up to him about some personal things going on in my life and my anxiety. This guy, almost directly after I opened up about my mental health problems, called me up and said ‘I think this is where I’m going to step off. I think that you have too much baggage you need to work through.’”

Shannon McNally’s new album “The Waylon Sessions”

In her newest album, Shannon McNally set out to revisit the songs and spirit of Waylon Jennings, a legend with whom she’s always had an ongoing fascination. Of her new release, she said “The world has changed a lot since these songs were first recorded. I have never heard a woman sing any of them, but these tunes are poignant and relevant to me and to women in general right now. As a songwriter, bringing a song to its full potential so that a larger or different audience can connect is all I’ve ever cared about.”

Karissa Ella’s cover of “Who I Am”

Of her new cover, Karissa said “‘Who I Am’ was one of my favorite songs growing up. The honest lyrics were so relatable then and even more now! I am honored to cover this song and excited to hear what people think of my take on this iconic country song!” She gives the song her own country flare!