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Carly Pearce’s new album “29: Written In Stone (Live From Music City)”

The project was recorded at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works during an intimate concert event. The album features special guests including Lee Brice for “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” The Isaacs for “Easy Going,” Matthew West for “Truth Be Told,” Jenee Fleenor for “29” and Ashley McBryde for “Never Wanted To Be That Girl.”

Jenna DeVries’ new single “Daddy’s Little Heart Attack”

“Daddy’s Little Heart Attack’ is a song I wrote about escaping a life and town that was too small for me. Growing up, my parents sheltered us from everything. I was homeschooled almost my whole life and never got to listen to “secular” music. The song really tells the true story of escaping that life to step into a new “rebellious” adventure – and loving every second of it, even when it was hard to leave everything I had ever known. I hope this song helps the black sheep or ‘rebellious’ child feel less alone. When you choose yourself and to live authentically, life really does get better. Freedom takes courage, so I hope this song makes someone feel brave.”

The Dryes’ new single “Who Needs To Hear This”

“It’s about being at peace with what you’re feeling and not rushing through it,” says The Dryes. “Flipping on the light too soon can bottleneck the things that need to be felt, and sometimes knowing that you’re not alone is all we need to hear. Our hope for this song is that when someone hears it in their dark times, they’ll be able to put one foot in front of the other. We believe music is healing, and we hope our fans and new listeners will feel exactly that when they listen to this song.”

Brina Kay’s new single “Rather Hurt You Now” (feat. Justin Love)

“‘Rather Hurt You Now’ is about choosing to face an uncomfortable conversation with a friend who likes you rather than stringing their heart along. Having been strung along before, I always try to lead with respect first and tell people the truth, even when it’s inconvenient. It’s better to be upfront with people about these things so that they don’t waste their time and energy on something that will never be. Instead, they can use that time to go out there and find a reciprocated love they deserve.”

Jayne Denham’s “Moonshine” feat. Colt Ford

Jayne says, “When I first heard “Moonshine,” I knew it was the perfect fit for me, and I could immediately hear exactly how I wanted to sing it. Colt Ford is the perfect addition for the direction of the song, and to have him featured on it was the piece of the puzzle that fit so seamlessly.”

Amanda Stewart‘s new single “Lonesome Mountain”

“Since nature is such a big part of my life, I love being able to intertwine it into my songs,” she shares. “I ended up choosing it as the first single of the year because I feel like it represents everything I want to tell people. ‘I’ve seen my troubled days, but I’m made of earth and wood and stone.’ I have realized that past relationships and hardships don’t define me and what I thought I wanted in the past isn’t actually what I wanted or needed.”