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Reba McEntire’s new album “My Chains Are Gone”

My Chains Are Gone is a two-part project: A CD assembly of traditional gospel standards and McEntire’s own original songs, plus a DVD that revisits her 2017 headlining concert at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. That concert took place shortly after McEntire released Sing It Now: Songs of Hope and Faith, her gospel album from that year, and it includes guest artists like Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood, and Southern gospel family band the Isaacs, all of whom now appear on the new DVD.

Presley Tennant’s new single “Gamble On You”

“‘Gamble On You’ expresses the feeling in the beginning of a relationship of uncertainty of where things will lead, trying to basically read their mind to figure out if it was going to end up good or go no where.” says Tennant. “The song has a very sultry feel that I think matches the same thoughts as one may be feeling in that moment in time.” 

Ainsley Costello’s new single “Little Sister”

“Little Sister” effortlessly unpacks the song’s topic while being approachable for audiences of all ages. Ainsley is firmly and confidently leaning into the new music she is creating as she diverts from Americana and country roots to a bright, rock-edged pop. She is brilliant in melding the best aspects of country-style songwriting with rock and pop musical elements.

Kelsey Lamb’s new single “Never Like This”

Kelsey Lamb made her national TV debut last week on NBC’s American Song Contest, representing her home state of AR. She performed, recorded, and released “Never Like This” co-written by Carly Pearce, Parker Welling, and Casey Brown.

Harper Grae’s new single “Dying On The Vine”

“I went into this particular song-write very pregnant, very hot from the heat and very much wanting a glass of wine – I came up with the phrase for the song ‘dying on the vine” because that is what I felt like,” Grae told HollywoodLife. “So most people will hear this song and think it is about a relationship that was ending but really it is about a very pregnant lady wanting a big glass of wine.”

Kailey Nicole’s new single “She Gone”

Kailey Nicole is a lifelong performer, having both acted and recorded and released music. She recently moved to Nashville from LA, where she’s been writing and honing her sound – she starts work with Dolly Parton’s producer, Kent Wells, on April 1. Her sound gears more classic country, but with a fresh, fun twist. “She Gone” is a ballad that depicts the singer moving on and doing just fine after a breakup – much to her former partner’s dismay.

Dariann Leigh’s new single “Leave”

“Sometimes people come into your life and just naturally change you,” reveals Dariann. “When they leave, you can feel like your life has been uprooted…that’s the premise of ‘Leave’.” A fan of the vulnerable, introspective tracks of Miranda Lambert and Carly Pearce, Dariann Leigh paints her own image of emotional and psychological amenability in “Leave.” Though a picture of self-confidence and empowerment, Dariann exposes the paradox of defenselessness and uncertainty.