Carrie Underwood’s new album “My Savior”

Of her new album, Carrie Underwood said, “But even now, it’s so hard to find churches that that sing hymns. There’s so much incredible worship music that’s out there right now, and a lot of churches kind of go for those big worship songs. Every once in a while, they’ll work in an old hymn or a chorus of one, and it just feels so good. So I also feel like, in making this album, we’re kind of introducing some of these very old hymns to a new generation.

Jennifer Smestad’s new single “Can’t Have Mine”

“When we wrote ‘Can’t Have Mine’ I originally thought it was just a pretty, sad song and after posting it on TikTok I realized how empowering it is, not only for women, but anyone in a relationship,” shares Jennifer. “It gives them a voice and the power to leave a relationship if it’s unhealthy. We all deserve to know our worth and that’s what this song is about. I’m excited for everyone to hear it!”

Becky Buller’s new music video for “Don’t Look Back”

Becky Buller’s “Don’t Look Back” video was set at The Vintage Whimsy in Springfield, TN. The song is a wholesome reminder to keep putting one foot in front of another and to always move ahead…no matter how hard the road has been. She sings “Don’t look back, the road you’re travelin’ is a one-way track. Gotta look to the future cuz you can’t change the past, make the most of what you’re livin’ and don’t look back.”

Dakota Danielle’s new single “Backroads”

Dakota Danielle’s newest single “Backroads” is the work of her and her two best friends. They wrote the song because they wanted something you could crank up while driving with the windows down and just have fun. Of their inspiration, Dakota said “We just thought of the trouble you can get into on backroads. I grew up in a small town where there’s really nothing to do besides drive around.”

Becca Bowen’s new single “Home”

Of her new vulnerable song, Becca says, “This ballad is going to make an impact on those who refuse to give up on love. Home will speak to your heart, and take you back to the place when you knew that fighting for the love that you share with someone is worth the struggles and hardships you may endure together. I’ve lived the lyrics of this song and I wanted to release a song that not only spoke to me, but to others.”

JD Reynold’s new single “Whatever”

JD Reynolds sets the scene for a carefree, feel-good summer with the release of her latest single, “Whatever.” Infusing a classic country storyline with pop/rock influence, “Whatever,” makes for the perfect tune to add to your girls-night-out playlist. With no need to worry about what you look like under a ‘trucker’s cap’ and comfortable clothing, “Whatever” signifies that the only approval needed is your own! The upbeat single is filled with attitude and channels confidence for a stress-free night, unbothered by any country-boy temptation present at the bar.