Joy Oladokun……

Joy Oladokun performs “Breathe Again” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

“It’s about letting go of perfectionism and embracing the warm flickering thing between light and dark that is our humanity. I can get so bogged down by my anxiety about my past mistakes or, what I might get wrong that I truly sometimes forget to breathe.” She is set on forging her own path and sharing the unique perspective she’s gained from living in today’s world.

Brandy Clark’s new version of “The Past Is The Past” feat. Lindsey Buckingham

Brandy Clark recruited Lindsey Buckingham of “Fleetwood Mac” for this new take on her song for her deluxe edition. ofher 2020 LP “Your Life Is A Record.” Of the collab, Brandy said “Working with him on it was really a pinch myself moment. Another instance for me where I met a hero who did not disappoint. Adding it to the deluxe version just feels right. It’s such a different take on the song than what Jay and I created, and I hope that fans will love it as much as I do.”

Hailey Whitters’ new release “The Ride” feat. Jordan Davis

“The Ride” shares the importance of keeping things in perspective, even during difficult times, pointing out that it’s life’s low points that make the highlights so sweet. On choosing Jordan to collab with, Hailey says “Jordan Davis took me out on his very first headlining tour when I was only an independent artist. I thought that was a very bold statement to make, and I am very appreciate of him taking a chance on me.”

Esther Rose’s new single “Good Time”

“Good Time” was inspired by a time that was not, in fact, so good. When Esther made an impulsive pit stop in Nashville on the tail end of a solo road trip from Wisconsin to New Orleans, her car’s engine blew up, forcing her to call a tow truck. She sings “It’s a good time, having a real good time. It’s a real good time for bad timing.”

JoLivi’s new single “She Won’t Say Yes”

JoLivi wrestles with chasing her dreams and leaving behind a life (and a lover) which could have been hers. “You leave behind your life and home to live out your passion only to come back and your first love has moved on and someone else has taken your place. Selfishly, you hope he’ll say no or she won’t say yes.”

Hailey Whitters’ new video for “Fillin’ My Cup” feat. Little Big Town

In her new music video, Hailey Whitters is a runaway bride who flees from her wedding, managing to hitchhike her way out to the country where she links up with the members of Little Big Town. Of the song, she said “It’s a concoction of all of those little things in life that have a way of making my glass feel half-full. It’s been a hopeful reminder throughout the year and just felt like the right note to start 2021 on.”