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Maddie and Tae’s new single “Woman You Got”

In their new song, “Woman You Got,” Maddie & Tae sing frankly about their supposed “shortcomings” within romantic relationships, whether that’s a lack of cooking skills or maybe being a bit messy, but also their strong-willed dedication to keeping a relationship at its best. They sing, “I talk smack, I make messes. I win bread, I’m kinda selfish. Don’t trust me in the kitchen. Don’t dare me, I ain’t chicken.”

Cristina Vane’s new single “Badlands”

Of her new song, Cristina said, “This song was an exercise in trying to capture the energy of a place. Until this record, I seldom wrote about anything besides human emotion and relationships. My first cross-country tour lasted five months, and opened up my experiences to visions and sensations I had never seen or felt. Contemplating a place like the Badlands of South Dakota for the first time inspired me to write a song to do it justice.”

Lissie’s new single “It’s Not Me”

Its palm-muted guitar and piano gives way to a sweeping refrain as she details a doomed, yet vibrant romance from the perspective of a lover ready to leave. “It’s a different perspective for me,” Lissie explains. “The narrator is saying, ‘Don’t pin all of your hopes and dreams on me. I’m going to let you down’. It was interesting to write, because I’m trying to understand the point-of-view of a person I encountered who said, ‘I’m not going to be what you need. It’s safer to walk away.'”

Taylor Swift’s re-recording “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”

When the master recordings for Taylor Swift’s first six albums were sold, she announced she would remake them on her own terms. “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” is the first album of her reclamation project: a newly recorded version of the entire “platinum edition” of her second album, which was released in 2008.The track list has been expanded even further — and connected to the present — with six previously unreleased songs, newly recorded.

Callie Twisselman’s new single “Two Hands”

“Two Hands” is about a girl who is unapologetically herself and she can be a handful at times and hard to handle. Her man accepts her the way she is and loves her anyway. Callie can definitely identify with the girl in her song. “I love it because it doesn’t have to be about being in a relationship. In general, that girl is like me. Although I’m not in the relationship, that’s how I would want my relationship to be,” she said.

Amanda Cooksey’s new video for “In Denial”

Amanda Cooksey shot the video on the beach in Florida, and honestly between that and the 50s vibes of the song – it’s what we need after this past year. The cotton candy skies she sings of dance around in the background. The song itself speaks of the time after a relationship has ended and it’s hard to believe it’s actually over. She created an actual place called denial, where she was able to grieve in her “own private paradise where the breakup never happened.”