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Kaitlin Butts’ new album “What Else Can She Do?”

Of her new album, Kaitlin shared on social media, “these songs are all songs from different women facing the question: what else can she do? based on her circumstances, what choices does she have, right or wrong? life isn’t all that pretty sometimes. it comes with pain and pushing through hard times, being stagnant, going through the motions, not knowing what to do, or just being flat out angry with whatever life has put on your plate. i see myself in all of these women and their stories.”

Liddy Clark’s new single “Do I Miss You?”

“I was inspired to write this song about the feeling of being conflicted about wanting someone back in your life, but wondering if you are actually just feeling lonely. I wanted to leave the ending of the song open to the listener, so if you relate to it, you can decide by the end of the track if you actually miss them!”

Anne Wilson’s new single “God Thing”

Country meets Christian with Anne Wilson’s new single “God Thing”. The high-energy tune serves as a reminder that there is a reason behind the little things that happen everyday. She sings, “Don’t say it ain’t a God thing. Don’t say it ain’t a miracle. It’s so obvious when He does His stuff, it’s not anyone else but Him. When you see a life change, it’s something supernatural.”

Ainsley Costello’s new music video for “Little Sister”

Costello utilizes a variety of shots of her singing and playing guitar on her bed, glancing over at a flatscreen television that has her sister on it, back to the camera. We also see shots of Ainsley singing along to her song, switching between striking red and sleek black outfits. These two colors cleverly display the duality of her feelings about her older sister; she loves her, but she also hates feeling like she’s always pinned under other people’s expectations.

Stephanie Rabus’ new album “My Time Now”

My Time Now is an album that tells stories about falling in love, losing love, realizing the importance of taking life one moment at a time and knowing it was all worth it in the end,” Stephanie explains. “This album showcases who I am as an artist and is influenced by many genres – 90’s country, pop-country rock-infused and even some blues. My Time Now is very personal for me, as it marks a dream I’ve worked towards for many years.”