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Left photo by Kelsey Maggart. Right photo courtesy of Allie Colleen.……

Allie Colleen’s new album “Stones”

Fans can expect Garth Brooks’ daughter Allie Colleen’s “Stones” album to be authentically her — the Allie Colleen who pushed through 2020 to find herself, musically. The songs are “such a cool progression of me,” she says, adding that they’ll reveal another layer of who she is as an artist and a person. Sassy and fun songs are included, sure, but expect somber tracks, too. “It definitely has those really sad Keith Whitley-esque ballads that I’ve been sippin’ on since I was a kid,” she notes. “Stones” is “somewhere between honey and Ashley McBryde, which I’m very excited about,” she says. McBryde is her musical idol and even inspired one of the tracks on the project.

Courtney Dickinson’s new single “Convenience Store”

Courtney Dickinson’s new single “Convenience Store” is for anyone who has ever felt used and unappreciated in a relationship. Clever writing, by Courtney and Erik Halbig, and soft yet powerful vocals perfectly portray the strength in finally saying no. With her personality poured into it, “Convenience Store” delivers the right amount of sass, strength and bubbly Georgian spirit, just like Courtney. It is an instant country singalong that will get stuck in your head all day, but fair warning – after listening to it, you might have a strong urge to send it to THAT person.

Lauren Jenkins’ new single “Like You Found Me”

Addressing her fans, whose generosity has enabled her to keep going, Lauren Jenkins says, “The last 13 months have been a rollercoaster filled with difficult blows, lots of heartache, and some beautiful moments too. Everyone who has supported me throughout this year, whether you joined me in my living room for a live-stream, shared your stories and made lockdown seem less lonely, bought a t-shirt or a vinyl, or sent along what you could to help me pay for studio time – you inspire me, you’ve kept my lights on, and you’re a huge part of the making of this album“.

Jo Smith’s new single “For This Town”

Many a song has been written about Music City and its travails and victories, but “For This Town” takes a different turn. Instead of culminating in a grand victory of fame and stardom, or languishing in disappointment and heartbreak, Jo Smith finds an unexpected higher ground in  the bridge: “I came here to change it, but it changed me…” Jo says, “The thing I’m proudest of about  this song is how incredibly specific it is, and somehow, also incredibly universal.”

Halle Kearns’ new single “Plans”

Halle Kearns’ single is going to be your new summer anthem! About the single Halle reveals, “‘Plans’ is an extremely feel-good, summery song capturing that unique moment when someone you’re dating starts to change your perspective just by being themselves. It describes being a care-free, go-with-the-flow girl, yet falling for a guy that makes you want to plan out every detail of your future.”