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Chapel Hart’s new release “If You Ain’t Wearing Boots”

“Songs like ‘If You Ain’t Wearing Boots’ are important, because you’ve gotta know where you come from in order to know where you’re going. We realize a lot of people love sharing this experience with us, but at the same time, there are some people who might never understand, because they just didn’t grow up wearing those kinds of boots.”

Victoria Bailey’s new single “A Cowgirl Rides On”

“This song is for the cowgirls. It’s an ode to their strength and ability to saddle up and ride on through whatever heartbreaks and hardships come their way. The lyrics were inspired by a book called ‘Distant Skies’ by Melissa A. Priblo Chapman – a true story of a woman who rode across the country on horseback in the ’70s. I was so inspired by this woman and her ability to find so much clarity in the solitude of her journey. Her story coincided with what I was going through emotionally at the time, and writing this song brought me a lot of peace.”

ElectraQueens’ new single “Woman”

“As a trio of strong, resilient women, we wanted to write an anthem for not only other women but also a song to empower ourselves. It’s incredibly special to us and reminds us of all the beautiful things we can celebrate about being female, no matter what that may look like. It also speaks on all the things we believe women deserve. The line ‘never seems to put her first, underestimates her worth’ was a line we had all felt deeply before, and we felt other women would relate to.”

Sam Paige’s new single and video for “Don’t Hold Back”

At one time or another, everyone has felt frustrated and unheard by those around them. Sam Paige relates to this experience and sings “So fed up with the same conversation/I’m tired of the situation/It’s my life, not anybody’s choice/Let me have my own voice.” The frustration conveyed in her words is paired with the intensity of the backing tracks that swell into the height of the song.

Mackenzie Carpenter’s new self-titled debut EP

“I think we all have those days where we wish we had it a little more together but all in all, I am really proud of who I am and where I come from. I hope listening to these songs, people are reminded that it’s okay to be a little tacky and say what is on your heart, even if ‘you’re not supposed to,’” shared Mackenzie.

Erin Duvall’s new video for “Too Little, Too Late”

The “Too Little, Too Late” single and video express the complexity of realizing it’s time for greater things. “Say “Too Little, Too Late” to those that dim your light and don’t give you the freedom to soar to great heights. You are amazing and deserve nothing less,” says Erin.

Anne Wilson’s new single “Still God”

“The past year of my life has been more life-giving than anything I could’ve ever dreamed of,” shares Wilson. “This record has been such a gift to my life and God has used my music in the most incredible way. So to celebrate its first anniversary, My Jesus (Anniversary Deluxe) is out now! This is for you, Jacob!”

Amy Jack’s new single “God Has His Little Ways”

“‘God Has His Little Ways’ captures the universal message that when a loved one dies and flies away, God has his way of bringing new life to a hurt family. His ability to bring vibrant and wonderful experiences to those in need holds such special meaning for me”

Marie Wise-Hawkins‘s new single “Somewhere In Mexico”

“I wanted to bring all the elements that I felt on vacation into the music between the mariachi bands, ocean waves, sunset, and beach so that listeners could feel like they have been transported to the beach. I really think the song lyrically brings the listeners on that dreamy romantic weekend with me”

Jordana Bryant‘s new single “Don’t Know You Anymore”

It’s such a strange feeling to run into someone who you used to know everything about and realize that now you barely know them. I wrote “Don’t Know You Anymore” about that feeling and how even if you’ve moved on and are not in love with that person anymore, it can still make you a bit sad, feeling like you’ve been replaced and knowing they’re moving on with their life without you.