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Tenille Townes‘s new EP “Masquerades”

People recently named Tenille Townes “one of country music’s most intriguing female artists of the moment,” and for good reason! We have been loving her new EP Masquerades, which features duets with BRELAND “Shared Walls” and Wrabel on “When You Need It.” We are excited to see what the future holds for Tenille, including her opening up for Brad Paisley and Reba McEntire this summer!

Bailey James’s new music video for “The Crow”

For a song as haunting as Bailey James’ “The Crow,” it’s only fitting that the music video would have visuals to match. Switching between overhead shots of forest full of bare, winter-gray trees, James walking across a patchy grass field with crows flying overhead, and James around a house reminiscent of those built centuries ago, the video is able to capture the feeling of aloneness, of desolation and cold winter that the song’s instrumental and lyrics convey.

Jordana Bryant’s new music video for “Guilty”

In her new single, Jordana Bryant is “guilty of love / Guilty, so what / Guilty of thinking of you too much / These feeling just won’t quit / So I’ll admit it / I’m guilty of you stuck in my heart / Guilty of wanting to be in your arms / Wanting to kiss, wanting to call, wanting to fall / I’m guilty of it all.” The music video is just as fun and upbeat, and takes us back to our teenage years!

Sheyda’s new single “Woah”

“Woah” highlights the intoxicating allure of love and the overwhelming feeling of giving in to desire. With intricate instrumentation, haunting melodies and Sheyda’s vigorous vocals, “Woah” will leave you saying just that. We are excited to see what 2022 has in store Sheyda!

Brenda Cay’s new single “Wherever You Are”

Nashville singer-songwriter Brenda Cay’s “Wherever You Are” is a heartfelt and moving story about a mother’s journey of watching her son grow before her eyes and that dreaded empty nest syndrome that mothers experience when their babies leave the coop. Brenda Cay’s incredible lyrical storytelling is filled with poignant imagery that evokes tears. The musicality with a classic country ballad feel makes for a beautiful and nostalgic single.