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Ashley Cooke. Photo courtesy of Spotify.……

Ashley Cooke & Brett Young’s new single “Never Til Now”

“‘Never Til Now’ is a song that has opened so many doors for me already and really changed my life. To be able to bring a superstar like Brett Young onto this song with me is such an honor,” shares Cooke. “I’ve been a fan of Brett’s music since the start and I feel very honored that he believes in the song the way that I do.”

Taryn Papa’s new single “Changed”

A danceable blast of country power pop with a refreshing sound and an unforgettable vocal hook, the track is another tribute to true love’s life-altering potential. A timely release for Papa coinciding with the news of finding her own happily ever after (she recently announced her engagement here), “Changed” is an upbeat nod to both Papa’s real-life transformation and her ‘90s country heroines.

Regan Stewart’s new single “April’s Fool”

Regan Stewart’s newest single “April’s Fool” is “a sad chill love song about always being the second choice for your April Fool’s weekend,” she shared on Instagram. The lines, “She’ll have some fun, then she’ll run, and you’ll come running back,” and “The only thing she’s got on me is the way she gets to you. It’s never me, you’ll always be April’s fool,” are so relatable if you’ve ever been someone’s second choice.

Brenda Cay’s new EP “Love Or Dreams”

“Every song on the EP deals with change in its own way,” she explains. “It runs the gamut from being “Drunk on Country Songs” (after suffering a break-up), to having a child move away to pursue their dreams (“Wherever You Are”), to the angst I feel when leaving even temporarily to pursue my own dreams (“Love or Dreams”).”

Megan Wilder’s new single “If I Knew”

She sets it to simple acoustic guitar driven production, making the vocals the shining focus of the track. The entire song is underlaid with a quiet strength. Regardless of the song being one big question that lyrically is never answered, Wilder answers in a different way. A resounding “no” can be heard through her strong vocals, and the steady pulse of instruments that all grow in conviction from the first breath through the last notes.