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Left photo courtesy of Lana Del Rey. Right photo courtesy of Taylor Swift. ……

Lana Del Rey’s new album “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”

In her new album “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”, Lana Del Rey takes a break from the California life and travels the country. Mentioning Florida, Nebraska, and Arkansas, she explores old Americana folk roots as she reflects on her life and what decisions led to her fame. She says there’s always been a country tone running through her music. “I went back and listened to ‘Ride’ and ‘Video Games’ and thought, you know they’re kind of country. I mean, they’re definitely not pop.”

Taylor Swift’s new single “You All Over Me” (feat. Maren Morris)

Taylor Swift released a previously-unreleased single from her upcoming re-recorded album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”. Of the new single, she tweeted “One thing I’ve been loving about these ‘From the Vault’ songs is that they’ve never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favorite artists. I’m really excited to have @MarenMorris singing background vocals on this one.”

Morgan Wade’s new LP “Reckless”

Of her debut album, Morgan Wade said, “I try to be as honest as possible and sometimes I’m like, ‘Should I have said that? Should I be that vulnerable? But my most vulnerable songs — the ones where I’m super honest and real — are the ones that other people connect with. It makes me feel like we’re all connected, on some level. It’s good to see other people talking about mental health and sobriety and such. We don’t talk about it enough. We keep it so quiet, like it’s a secret.” 

JoLivi’s new music video for “She Won’t Say Yes”

“This video felt a little more personal to me than the others that I’ve done. I had to be more vulnerable and be in the moment with the song, which at times I didn’t really enjoy reliving (If you know what I mean, lol). It’s almost as if after filming this particular song I left all the leftover feelings in the video and was able to move on completely,” Jolivi said of her vulnerable new music video.

Church Of Roswell’s new EP “Here Comes Church of Roswell”

“Here Comes Church of Roswell”, is the debut EP from Church of Roswell—a new conceptual collective formed by singers, songwriters, and musicians Candi Carpenter and Josh Doyle. Reflecting on the new release, Carpenter shares, “This EP is a time capsule. Each track is a musical photograph of our blood, sweat and fears, and the people we were when we wrote these songs,” and Doyle adds, “This is a psychedelic pop folk rock record about depression, love, binge drinking, the apocalypse, and keeping a sense of optimism. Hope you like it!”

Georgia Webster’s new single “Push and Pull”

After finding fame on TikTok in July 2020, Georgia Webster released a new single. In “Push and Pull” she sings, “I don’t wanna lose, I don’t wanna lose feelings for you. But when you try so hard, it’s hard not to. It’s the push and pull, babe.” Of her songwriting process, Georgia has said, “When I write songs, I just like to tell it how it is. That’s why I love country music so much. It’s about real people, and I can see my life reflected in the lyrics.”