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Jelly Roll & Lainey Wilson’s performance of “Save Me” at the ACM Awards

Jelly Roll kicked off the performance singing the opening verse before Wilson joined him on stage for the second verse. The pair of hitmakers then flawlessly combined their signature vocals on the chorus in perfect harmony. “I’m a lost cause / Baby, don’t waste your time on me / I’m so damaged beyond repair / Life has shattered my hopes and my dreams,” Jelly Roll and Wilson sang on the chorus.

Kimberly Perry’s new single “If I Die Young Pt. 2”

“If I Die Young Pt. 2” is the first single from Kimberly Perry’s upcoming EP, Bloom, and her first solo release since the breakup of her band The Band Perry. The track is a continuation of The Band Perry’s 2010 hit track “If I Die Young”. The lyrics see Kimberly Perry contemplate her personal growth, her relationships with loved ones, her sense of wonder and excitement about the world, and the fragility of life itself while also coming to terms with mortality and the desire to be remembered after death.

Karissa Ella’s new single “White Dress Worthy”

“Writing with my talented mom is always a special experience but on this one, it really allowed me to approach the song’s message from a mother’s point of view,” says Ella. “With wedding season fast approaching, the song is a reminder that it’s totally okay to wait for the right one and make sure your partner truly is white dress worthy before you say ‘I do.’”

Erin Gibney’s new single “Exit Signs”

“This is a song that came together at a really confusing time in my life and it is probably the most honest song I have ever written. I wrote it the day I realized that it was time to walk away from the relationship that I had been in for nearly half a decade. Through lots of tears and some incredibly difficult confessions, ‘Exit Signs’ is the song that put my feelings of guilt, fear, freedom, and mourning into words. It’s the most vulnerable I have been in my music and it is a song I am very proud to release.”

Brooke Sause’s new single “How Long”

“‘How Long’ is about being heartbroken and realizing that the person who broke your heart never loved you like you loved them,” Brooke explains. “It’s about going through the memories and reanalyzing every details and facet of the relationship, trying to pinpoint where the lies began. While reflecting, you think of all the moments and signs you ignored because you were too in love to be logical.”